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Fierté de Pinoy 38 Replays lutte contre le

Donnie Nietes vs.. Edgar Sosa Fight Replay
Arthur Villanueva vs. Juan Jimenez lutte Replay
Mark Magsayo vs. Ramiro Robles lutte Replay

Fierté de Pinoy 38 Pesée de lutte dans les résultats
Donnie Nietes 112 lbs
Edgar Sosa 111.5 lbs

Mark Magsayo 125.5 lbs
Ramiro Robles 123.5 lbs

Arthur Villanueva 117.5 lbs
Juan Jimenez 119.5 lbs

L’attention se tourne vers StubHub Center comme Pinoy Pride 38 Événement de Philippines vs Mexique occupe une place
S’agira-t-il de Philippines ou sera-t-il Mexique qui l’emportera? Il s’agit d’une question que beaucoup d’adeptes boxe se posent eux-mêmes la tête des deux pays à Pinoy Pride du 25 septembre 38 événement. Bien, vous pouvez seulement attendre jusqu'à dimanche et voir comment tout va se dérouler. Chaque côté a déployé des boxeurs exemplaires et il est donc assez difficile à cerner qui le gagnant est susceptible d’être.

Il va être la cinquième fois que l’événement se tient en dehors des Philippines depuis son démarrage. Il s’agit d’un pointeur à la popularité grandissante de l’événement sportif philippin parmi les amateurs de boxe à l’étranger. StubHub, California will serve as the venue for the eagerly awaited fights.

Principal événement de la nuit

The clash between Philippines’ Donnie ' Ahas’ Nientes and Mexico’s Edgar Sosa will be the main focus of the night. The former longtime light flyweight champion and Philippines’s longest-reigning world champion will be moving a category up to face Sosa in the flyweight category. It will be a battle of the titans as the Mexican is an equally decorated boxer.

Le 37 year old Sosa is a former world champion. He boasts a wealth of experience having been to 61 professional fights and winning 30 of these with knockouts. He has also previously faced some of the best boxers in his category.

Sosa could be banking on his experience to help him floor the Mexican in the upcoming championship. He has since revealed he is in every way ready to face Nientes. Speaking to the Mexican press before departing for California to ready himself for Sunday’s fight, he said he will be on the lookout for Nientesright hand and hooks to the body as the latter is quick to counterattack. He described him as a fighter who is skilled with his waist, hands, and legs.

Defeating the 34 year old Filipino may however not be that easy even if he is just making his flyweight debut. The pride of Murcia in Negros Occidental hasn’t lost a fight in 12 ans. Should Sunday dawns in his favor, he will be holding a world title in his third weight class.

If Nientes crumbles to Sosa on the D-day then he will join the list of other Filipinos who have been defeated by the Mexican such as Brian Viloria, Sonny Boy Jaro and Juanito Rubillar.

Sosa has however previously been defeated by Philippines’ Rodel Mayol. He also fell to Nicaraguan sensation Roman ‘ChocolatitoGonzalez in May last year.

Talking of Gonzalez, Nientes long wanted to take on the Nicaraguan but he proved too elusive. He has since moved up to 115 pounds where he is the reigning champion. This means Nientes cannot face him as he is only 112 pounds on his part. He is reported to have told his ALA promoter that he is very comfortable at this weight. He has also admitted that it had been a struggle for him making 108.

Supporting events

In the main supporting event of the night, Marque « Magnifico’ Magsayo will be seeking to defend his featherweight championship title against Mexico’s Ruben Garcia. The ALA Boxing youngster is heading into a very gruelling match against his Mexican opponent. His recent win against Chris Avalos can however offer him a boost of confidence as the match has been deemed his toughest to date.

Le 23 year old Mexican who is two years Magnifico’s senior is also in a top form. He heads into Sunday’s combat with two straight winning streaks.

The other undercard match which will take place on Sunday is that between Philippines’ ' King’ Arthur Villanueva and Mexico’s JuanEl PeñitaJimenez. The Mexican will be putting his recently won AP Bantamweight Championship title on the risk against El Peñita. This encounter will be a rematch of a previous controversial fight between the two in Bacolod.

Aside from the three matches, there will be several other undercard matches between Filipinos and Americans which will be fought at the Californian venue on the same night.

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