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Pinoy Pride 38 Mark Magsayo vs. Ramiro Robles
September 24,201 Mark Magsayo vs. Ramiro Robles at StubHub Center, Carson, California for the WBO International featherweight title

Magsayo retains WBO title against Mexico’s Ramiro Robles 21 year old Filipino Mark Magsayo on Saturday night outclassed Mexican opponent Ramiro Robles to emerge the winner at Pinoy Pride 38 event. The young boxer won the fight by a unanimous decision of 119-107, 118-108, 120-106.

It was a case of every man for himself as the two boxers battled each other over a seemingly endless twelve-rounds session. Robles had come in as a last minute replacement for Ruben Garcia who had initially been set to face Magnifico but couldn’t make it due to an injury.

Magsayo’s WBO International Featherweight Championship title had been on the line against the Mexican but he successfully defended it through a series of skillful performances.

The unbeaten Magsayo looked poised to win the match right from the start. He floored Robles in the second round with two overhand rights after having dealt him a flurry of shots in the first round.

The subsequent rounds took almost the same fashion as the opening rounds. The sixth round however worked a bit in Robles’ favor. The young Filipino appeared out of energy in this round and his counterpart seized the opportunity to rain bodyshots on him.

It appears like the Mexican had been waiting for the perfect moment to go at his opponent. He had seemingly studied Magsayo’s pattern of punches and then strategised to get him exhausted before descending on him. Robles had bearing most of Magsayo’s shots without retaliation. His trick seemed to have worked as the Pinoy’s energy levels waned in the middle rounds.

Seventh round momentum

Magsayo regained form in the seventh round and resumed his shots-firing streak thereby sending the 23 year old Robles on his knees. This further enhanced the ALA Boxing star’s confidence inside the StubHub Center ring.

Magsayo continued firing powerful shots as the rounds unfolded and the Mexican took them unevadingly just as he had been doing before.

A strong finish for Magsayo

Magsayo made boxing look easy by displaying a powerful finishing round performance against his Guanajuato opponent. He released a series of well-calculated punches on Robles before the bell rang to signify the end of the undercard event.

A win for Magnifico

The judges’ scorecard readings of 119-107, 118-108, 120-106 didn’t come as a surprise to those who were ringside or those watching on screen as they had witnessed the skillful display by the featherweight champion.

The win on Saturday night is Magsayo’s 15th straight win in professional boxing matches. This victory will certainly make him one of the youthful boxers to look out for this year as well as upcoming years.

Robles hailed for stamina and courage

In spite of losing to Magnifico at the StubHub Center, Robles has earned himself new respect. Many have commended him for having not relented and fighting Magnifico’s to the end in spite of the latter’s fierce blows. Magsayo had earned a knockdown in round seven and the Mexican could have opted to have the towel thrown but he held on and fought Magsayo for five more rounds.

Magsayo’s performance is also commendable considering the fact that he had only a short duration to prepare for the fight while Magsayo had been getting ready for it all along. Robles had been informed that he would be replacing Garcia less than a week to the Pinoy Pride 38 event.

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