Jean Pascal vs Yunieski Gonzalez Fight Replay

July 25, 2015 Jean Pascal vs Yunieski Gonzalez at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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Jean Pascal vs Yunieski Gonzalez Fight Replay

Jean Pascal vs. Yunieski Gonzalez – An Epic Match
Who would have thought that the Cuban light heavyweightYunieski Gonzalez would give such a tough time to the former champ John Pascal? But Gonzalez amazed the fans with his smashing hooks and uppercuts. Pascal was forced to acknowledge him as a worthy opponent.They both gave it their best but Pascal unanimously won the match with 94-96 on each scorecard.
Early Rounds
Gonzalez was energetic and furious right from the start. He landed some serious blows and Pascal was shocked by his combos. Both the fighters exchanged great punches and the round ended with Gonzalez as the winner. Gonzalez continued to land heavy-duty punches in the second round. But this time, Pascal too succeeded in bringing down heat on Gonzalez’s chin and center-body a thrilling round for the crowd andsome even consider it as “round of the year.”
Gonzalez’s Pressure on Pascal
The third round went quite well for Gonzalez. He was able to pin Pascal on the ropes many times and served him with right and left hooks. Pascal tried to counter him with his left hooks but Gonzalez had an upper hand. Pascal came under pressure and though he launched some good blows, Gonzalez didn’t give him much room.
Pascal Got Back on His Feet
The rising Cuban star had startled the crowd. He nearly took Pascal down with an outstanding punch to his chin in the fourth round but he stayed on his feet. He managed to hurt Gonzalez with good shots to his body. The match started to get intense in the sixth round as each fighter exhibited great strength, especially Pascal and punched Gonzalez with all his might.
The Final Rounds of the Match
By the ninth round, both of them got tired but were still fighting ferociously. They wanted to knock their opponent out but that didn’t happen. The tenth round was also packed with dangerous blows to the head and body and they gave it their best but the referee had to separate them. By the time it ended, no one knew who’d have won the match.
It was a close match and Gonzalez could have beaten Pascal, as he claims he did. But Pascal won by unanimous decision. Gonzalez has disputed the result of this match and wants a rematch. Pascal on the other hand is looking forward to fight Sergey Kovalev, a brilliant Russian boxer.

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