During a recent interview, Jame DeGale said that it is his destiny to become the world champion come Saturday by beating the mighty Andre Dirrel. This heavily built super -middlewight fighter will take on Dirrel in a bid to fill the vacant IBF world title. The fight ill be held on May 23 on Boston and will be aired live on Skysport.
Andre Dirrell vs James DeGale Fight

According to Degale,
he will be fighting to add another medal in an already full cabinet on top of his Olympic gold medal in the recently concluded Beijing Olympics. If he wins this tittle, DeGale will become the first Briton to achieve such a fit. But winning the title will be a very difficult task for DeGale

Dirrell (25-1, 16 KOs), who won an Olympic bronze in Athens in 2004, has never been a world champion and lost a split decision to Carl Froch in Nottingham in 2009.
And DeGale is adamant that he will make history this weekend. Though he is not much known, this guy is a hard hitter.

James DeGale is certainly bluffing, given the quality of a fighter Dirrel is, he may as well have a trick or two in his sleeve if he is to win this fight as easily s he claims. Though Dirrel is not that popular, he is a very skilled fighter. He combines speed, skill and strength, all in one punch to leave his opponents awed by the accuracy and impact of his blows.

For the last years, Dirrel has been given Froch, the owner of the title much trouble. He is the main reason as to why Froch refused to defend his title. In all the recent match ups between Derrell and Frosch, the latter has always ended up as the looser. Because of this, Froch decided to give up his title since in order to keep it, he has to fight his way through the much feared Froch.

This fight will be very entertaining, we expect much show off from the Brit who has already started the off the ring match by bragging that the title is is destiny. But Mr DeGale, Mark my words, if you think that this title is your for grabs, you are very mistaken. Instead of spending match time bragging that its your destiny, save your time and breath, Dirrell is out there in the gym, working hard and baying for your blood.,

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