Manny Pacquiao makes fun of two British

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Manny Pacquiao makes fun of two British  football chaps Men in Blazers

Michael Davies: Manny you something very kind to say about us to the people of the Philippines

Manny Pacquiao: Yeah ok hello Philippines
Tagalog: Etong mga kasama ay hindi sila nakakaintindi ng tagalog at akala nila pinupuri ko sila pero sila ay hindi nakaka intindi kay pwede natin silang ibenta, kaya mga kababayan eto wala ito hindi nakakaintindi, ok.

English Translation: These gusy who I’m with doen’t understand Tagalog at all.

They think that I’m praising them but they have no clue what I’m saying.

So we could take advantge of them, So my countrymen, these guys are useless and don’t understand a thing.

Roger Bennett and Michael Davies: Thank you we like that


The two British really have no idea what did Manny Pacquiao say about them. lol

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