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pacquiao vs mayweather 1

Rob : Back to Mayweather and Pacquiao in the ring Mayweather the boxer the more defensive fighter with great footwork then I see Pacquiao probably has faster hands and feet awkward how do you think they match-up stylistically?
Bernard Hopkins: The fist 6 rounds I think there’s gonna be adjustments made by both Pacquiao is going to be there not gonna be throwing one punch here one punch there he is rapid machine gun throwing type of guy that punches in all angles and he don’t keep his feet on the same spot, So Mayweather should not just roll, touch and roll, hes gotta turn hes going get a body in the pocket sometimes, be a little no different last 2 to 3 years maybe those adjustments made by two guys thats where we want to see the best from both guys, then some has to take the lead someone has to be discourage of what they are doing whether its Pacquiao or Mayweather, I believe in 6 rounds or less we will going to see the pattern where the fight might play out.

I think that pattern will work for Mayweather if he can get Pacquiao to think hesitate before he strike with these 4,5,6 or maybe 10 punches from angles, If he control that Mayweather control the passion of Pacquiao and tame him from high volume punches and angles down to his speed down to his phase of fighting and try to hit Mayweather with one or two shots like every else tried to do, Thats gonna be a painter paint a pefect picture that make the fight one sided half way thru the fight, if he get controlled and tamed convinced by phisical way Pacquiao to fight down to his phase his movement his reaction he’s everthing.
Rob : Im glad you mention the word think there are two fighters head and shoulder above in everybody else in from prespective of ring intelligence, what role will that play Floyd’s ring intelligence Pacquiao he will make mistakes Floyd hardly ever make mistakes how do you think that place to this fight?

Bernard Hopkins: If he still with the IQ of a fighter that dealing with everything else comes behind him, Its gonna be Floyd hands down based on not only himself but having the IQ but the information that supports that IQ uncle father I mean that to me is an advantage, its not Pacquiao have and dont have, Freddie Roach he’s been around the game his career wasn’t superstar status but must say hes been around long enough had champions Im expecting they have a fight in their hands, they know this fight is serious they know they can’t under estimate. Mayweather is always growing always figuring it out, give Mayweather edge at this level we know how to train and gets the body right but nobody can train and control the mind but the mind itself thats where all comes down to that individual.

I see the advantage in that part, Pacquiao has been successfull with his agressiveness speed his figuring out a guy early and just overwhelm him with hard straight punches down the middle and he made it look easy and yes he took some thinking and some IQ to be able to put together these things from a guy who losses 3 fights in career and became superstar.

If this fight played out like what I said earlier, before we get to the championship round it is very important the reason Im saying it might go 12 is even if Pacquiao knocking people out before the Marquez fight, the fight with Bradley were he threw alot of punches and things happen, This fight has 12 round written all over for me, and to me it wont be a 12 round unanimous, round 8, 9 rounds out of 12 I don’t see it that way, I also see some resistance that makes us excited because knowing Pacquiao to hold his own and Mayweather will hold his own but I believed the mindset and adjustments be made at the right time quickly more than either I believe it will be Floyd.

Rob: Floyds timing is impecable, How tough for him to time someone who throws punches from differnt angles and has handspeed?
Bernard Hopkins: I call it a machin gun punches, when it comes to that style rapid fire punches of machine gun punches nobody but Pacquaio thats why I said the first 6 rounds or less its going to be a tag of war its gonna be a struggle. Pacquiao style is I come and get you, Mayweather is like an sniper, but the diffent from a sniper and moving target that is coming with angles whos here whos there whos throwing multiple punches, you really need a steady target right. Maidana was a steady target everybody loves with steady target until he figures it out, Zab Juda and Shane Mosly was not a steady target, Floyd Mayweather figured it out and made the adjustment, same thing Im pretty sure that Freddie Roach is looking at.

We know Pacquiao comming forward we know hes giving angles thats him, hes comming at you and Im looking for him take a lot more risk with Mayweather
Why because when was the lastime when he knocks somebody out, You can take chances in some cases based on guys 30 and 0, 32 and 0 30 knockouts like Sergey Kovalev you happen expect that power you got options you gamble and know you got chin but who in right mind I know you can punch I got a chin and see if you can really punch and hit me here no that is why the fight again these days where Pacman I can take this, on both sides people say to me on the street Pacquio jumps to the fight and Marquez threw a punch and connected, Whether he can crack,only he got to do is respect me, the hesistation the Pacquiao thinks before he reacts very important in this fight for Mayweather to be successfull because Pacquiao goes off in instint he comes to you he throw punches whether he lands or not he goes of that instint you can disrupt that you gotta make him think,hes gonna be half step slower, I favor Floyd to win based on his intelligence, figure it out for the years that I watched him and I believed that O and believing wanted to close 50 wins and I think thats the motivation factor.

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