The most anticipated fight after the Mayweather Pacquiao bout is just 12 days away.

Who will take home the IBF super weight championship?
Andre Dirrell vs James DeGale Fight

On 23 may 2015, two boxing heavy weights Andre Dirrell and James DeGale will clash to battle for the Carl Froch’s old IBF supper middle weight title. The fight will be held in Boston, Massachutes at the Agganis Arena.

Froch refused to defend his coveted IBF title against the fierce DeGal. So he left it to DeGale and Dirrell to fight it out. Froch made a wise decision, since even if he had defended the title against DeGale and won, he would still find himself facing Derrell.

We all now how much Dirrell had been giving Froch problems over the past 6 years. Especially in the super six challenge. Dirrell almost beat Froch every time they met. So Froch would have most certainly lost the title to Dirrell in the long run.

In the fight, Dirrell is the favourite fighter to win. DeGale is going to be very disantavantaged since he is not as fast as his opponent. His speed is roughly as the same as that of Froch who has been on the receiving end of Dirrell’s blows every time. Though he fights in a slicker manner, he lacks crucial hand speed. Because of this, he gets hit much of the time. Apart from this, he has been doing very well of late after his management steered him from fighting quality fighters after he suffered the humiliating defeat to Gorge Grooves way back in 2011. This fight served to show the peak of his fighting prowess. To built his name, his management decided to prevent him from fighting any quality fighter thus taking his career backwards.

On the other hand, Dirrel has been on top form with wins over some big names like Dereck Edwards, Vladine Biosse and Michele Gbenga. From these fights, you can tel that the man is still on top of his form. He displayed a better performance compared to his previous fights. He has got some amazing hand speed on top of top notch skills. This makes him very dangerous. He is very aggressive and can fight in multiple stances. He displayed this on his recent fight with Edwards that was one sided ad he won by a judges decision.

From the above statistics, we can tell that Dirrell is the better man. DeGale has to have some form of a back up plan if he wants to beat the mighty Dirrell. 23rd is not far, lets wait for the action and see the best man win.

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