On Saturday we witnessed some really great fights. Some lost, while others won. While the winners carried home the trophies, what about the losers? In this post, we are going to discuss what the future Holds for Ricky Burns.

On Saturday, he fought against Omar Figueroa and lost. But this was a little of an advantage to him since it served to enhance his reputation because of the way he performed in the ring. During the recent fight, Ricky proved that he is a force to recon on. He gave his fans some appetite to see him punch some more. According to me, from the way he performed, i think that he is now ready to face some quality fighter, the likes of John Molina and Ruslan Provodnikov.

He has now lost 3 out of four of his previous matches, he claimed that the poor form was from personal problems out of the ring. A while ago, he was declared bankrupt after a long court battle with his former promoter frank warren. He managed to win some future revenue rights but in exchange for some crippling lawyer bills. Though he displayed some brilliant skills, the main question that remains is, will Ricky Burn’s star shine again?

He may have to work his ass off at the gym, get his life in order an match up with some quality opposition. But before he embarks on restructuring his career, there are some important decisions he should have to make. He needs to decide what Weight division to play, from his current form, we can conclude that Ricky is not in position to win a 140Ibs title. As a light welter weight, Burns has only two options.

1) To look for an averagely ranked fighter and go for an eliminator.
2) Fight for the common wealth title.
No matter the path Ricky decides to choose for his career, he should bare in mind that as his funs, we have our own expectation, we want to see him lift some titles, not get his ass kicked every time.Burns owes it to himself and his fans to get his career back in line. We will be watching him closely and update you as his fans on his recent career developments.

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