It is hard to believe that someone is attempting a boxing revival after more than 20 years at the age of 62! But it happened recently When Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke defeated Elliot Seymour of 29 years in the second round in Russia the last month end.

While the exact reason behind organizing such unusual bout was not known, as per the BBC reports the boxers received large sums for the bout.

Freddie Roach, the owner of Wild Card gym at Hollywood trained Rourke when he shifted to boxing in the middle of his career.

“Boxing is a serious part of my life,” Rourke reportedly said. “It taught me to respect and also to have determination, patience and concentration. I always dreaming about  fighting a match in Russia.”

But At the time of the fight, the reaction of the internet was that the fight appeared to be staged. Because the punches thrown by Mickey were so slow that even a novice could avoid those.

Speaking to the media Rourke said “I’m very happy to be back to the boxing ring. I must thank God for this”. But there were talks amongst the boxing circle that there were reasons for going to Russia to fight with Seymour. The sources also said that Mickey must stop boasting as everyone knew what has really happened and he it is better to stop acting.


Source: http://www.breitbart.com/

But that was not really so, at least that is what the people started believing. To add fuel to the fire, his opponent Elliot Seymour has told TMZ Sports on video that he was paid $15,000 to take a dive. When asked why he was telling this now Seymour replied that the pressure of lying was becoming unbearable and he was angry too as Rourke’s people started dragging the payment. 

And there is much more to what people know. It was revealed that Seymour was a homeless and has been sleeping in a local park for the last one and half years. Sources close to the family also confirmed this and Seymour also posted his photo and wrote about being homeless on his Face Book page under the name Elliot BuffaloSolider.

A family source, who preferred to be unidentified, also told that all the headlines that Mickey Rourke beat someone half his age is absolutely ridiculous. Seymour is a professional boxer and he cannot be that bad. Only because he is homeless and desperate and has some mental issues, the organizers had the chance to exploit him.


Some of the boxing reporters writing on the fight said that people at the Wild Card gym knew that Seymour was in a terrible position and they are the Mickey Rourke’s people who Seymour has been around and was acquainted for some time.

Throughout the fight the bouncing off the rope appeared to be choreographed. Moreover punches were not landing where they should have been and they were hitting each other’s gloves!

In any case it was a real win for Elliot Seymour who knew that winning the bout would get him nowhere but now he would be able to be off the street for quite some time.

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