According to a family spokesman the legendary king of ring Muhammad Ali was hospitalized Saturday morning with a mild attack of pneumonia.

Ali, who owned Olympic gold medal in 1960 and received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2005 from the President George W. Bush  had an attack of Parkinson’s Disease in 1984, three years after his retirement, have been combating the disease gracefully for the last 30 years without stopping his work for humanitarian causes.

Some of the medical experts believe that blows he received on the head during his 21 years long professional boxing career were a contributing factor to his condition. But Dr Abraham Lieberman, who is the Medical Director of the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Centre, expressed that he was not absolutely sure what caused the disease.

According to a press release by his family spokesman Bob Gunnell to the   Louisville Courier-Journal, “Muhammad is keeping well now. Though he speaks in a lower tone, Muhammad is a real strong person for his age and for the disease he has.”

Muhammad Ali

Born as Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. on 17.01.1942, Muhammad Ali is an American former professional boxing champion widely regarded for his boxing skills and the values he exemplified for freedom of religion, racial justice and the place of principle over expedience. Ali also refused to join U. S. military In 1967, three years after winning the heavyweight title for religious conviction and his opposition to American involvement in the Vietnam War and suffered imprisonment and stripping off the title. This made him a real hero in the mind of the public.

But Like the all time greatest personalities Ali was also a man of determination and He regained his title after coming out from the jail.

Sources close to the family said that the 72 years old boxing legend is now under treatment by his personal team of doctors and is in a stable condition but refuses to disclose the name of the hospital where Ali was taken for the sake of, what they said, privacy.

It was further reported that the prognosis of the legendary boxer is good because pneumonia was diagnosed at a very early stage and the same time shared that Ali may be required to have a short stay in the hospital but declined to release any other details of the treatment due reported request for privacy by the family members of the boxing legend.

Rahman Ali, the younger brother of Muhammad Ali also reported to have said to Sunday People during the premier of the documentary “I Am Ali” that his brother’s health had declined of late. But since then, Ali resorted to twitter posting not to believe the rumor to assure his followers world over.

The Louisville native also has homes in Paradise Valley, Arizona; Berrien Springs and Michigan. Though Ali has restricted his public appearances due to his struggle with Parkinson’s disease, he made a public appearance in September to attend the humanitarian award giving  ceremony named after him,  in Louisville,  and also attended the football match between the University of Louisville’s and Florida State, though he did not speak.

As the news of Ali’s illness ran apace, shower of twitters and messages have started coming in for the recovery of the boxer philanthropist.

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