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September 11, 2015 Adonis “Superman” Stevenson vs Tommy “Kryptonite” Karpency Fight at Ricoh Coliseum, Toronto, Ontario for the WBC World light heavyweight title
Adonis Stevenson vs Tommy Karpency Fight Replay

The Ricoh Coliseum in Toronto Canada was the venue of another exciting bout of boxing on Friday night. The match of the day pitted Adonis Stevenson vs Tommy Karpency. the match came at a time when Stevenson, the reigning WBC world light heavyweight champion was facing criticism from fans and commentators for not facing a serious pound-for-pound puncher in a couple of his previous fights. However, Stevenson “the superman” (26-1) was able to comfortably retain the title after a third round technical knockout of Karpency “the Kryptonite” (24-4-1). With the win, Stevenson improved his record to (27-1) while Karpency fell to (25-5-1).

Currently, Stevenson is one of the heaviest punchers in the business and he was a huge favorite to win the game against Karpency from the little town of Adah in Pennsylvania. Although, Karpency is not a heavy puncher he showed he has the power and will to be a serious contender in the first round as he made quite some remarkable openings.

Karpency, a right-hander did throw a couple of left punches but Stevenson was able to respond with two signature lefts, one of which saw Karpency’s knees buckle to the impact. However, this did not seem to deter Karpency. Karpency recovered to connect a superb right that clearly stunned Stevenson for a while. However, the round ended without further highlights.
It was the second round that came with big surprises. Out of nowhere, Stevenson managed to combine a couple of rights to the body and a big left to the head. The impact caused Karpency to stagger for a while then drop to the ground. Actually, the staggering might have saved Karpency further injury as Stevenson was not able to connect any finishing blow.

At the nine ninth count, Karpency got up and went to his corner with the bell proclaiming the end of the second round. Karpecy never survived 30 seconds of the third round, as a barrage of blows to the head sent him back to the decks and the referee had no choice rather than end the fight at the instance.
With the win Stevenson, retained his ring/WBC world light heavyweight title. Due to increasing public outcry, Stevenson’s’ promoters might be forced to sign him to a bigger fight in future. The reigning WBO, WBA, and IBF world light heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev (28-0-1) is running out of opponents. With this in mind, it might be high time that Stevenson’s’ promoters to think of giving the fans a match they will relish.

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