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Fight Highlights: Rios down twice in round nine

Timothy Bradley vs Brandon Rios Weigh In Results:
Rios: 147.2 lbs .2 lbs overweight
Bardley 146 lbs

Timothy “the desert storm” Bradley versus Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios the Cathedral City, California kid, it surely going to be a bang bang! on 7th November at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas. Rios will be contending for Bradly’s WBO welterweight belt as Bradley uses his speed agility and skill to defend it. Though Bradley is a good fighter, he should be cautious of Brandon Rios. Bradley has featured in 35 fights of which he has won 32 with only twelve knock-outs, 1 loss, 1 draw and 1 no contest. His counterpart Rios has fought 36 and won 33 fights 24 with knock-outs, lost two and 1 draw. Both fighters have had the honor of going against the legendary Manny Pacquiao but both lost to him in their separate matches though Bradley had won against Manny in one controversial match.
Timothy Bradley vs Brandon Rios Fight

Brandon Rios advantage and disadvantages
Brandon Rios is expected to put up an aggressive fight for the title against the holder Bradley. He is a great tactician known greatly of brawling against his adversaries with much vigor. His stance is Orthodox which when combined with bis boxing-brawl is lethal on a counterpart He is also known for his swift and powerful left hand punches which lands knock-outs. His pressure technique which makes the opponent tired and scared and recently he has been learning to box a lot are the advantages he opts to use in his match with Bradley. Something Thomas Bradley should watch out for.
Brandon knows unlike his counterpart that he has a lot to lose. This is expected to be a motivation to him.
He was quoted saying Bradley is on his way to the top hence he must beat him to get to the title and a big money game in 2016.

Timothy Bradley’s Advantage and disadvantages
Ranked the 3rd best world wide, Tim Bradley has of late been getting too comfortable. He Sets off the match in a good show but ends up getting relax and trading shots. He however changed his training coach and this is what he had to say about it.
“When my new coach Teddy came to camp, he challenged me. Not what I could do physically but my mental focus and aspect of fighting. He took a book of images of certain rounds I had previously fought and showed me my pros and cons and we charted a new way of change for the better. I’ve never had a trainer who had such reviewing tactics to come up with better training and plans. I believe I’m not the same shady fighter I was before,” said Bradley
Everyone is now looking up to him for great effective change. If Bradley happens to lose the fight, it would be a great draw back to his career so he has to win it or win it to keep his status and have a shot at a big money game in 2016.

Fight Predictions
All odds and favors observed statistics say Bradley has a greater chance of winning the Timothy Bradley Jr vs. Brandon Rios fight. He is greatly experienced has a wide range of tactics from different coaches but has to be careful of Brandon Rios who is hungry for a win. Bradley doesn’t get careless like Rios. Rios is a brawler ready to steal the moment. Personally I’d go for Tim Bradley to the fight Unanimous Decision.

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