Shawn Porter vs Erick Bone Fight Replay


March 13, 2015 Shawn Porter fought Erick Bone at Citizens Business Bank Arena, Ontario, California, USA

Fight Highlights: Bone down twice in round 5

Shawn Porter vs Erick Bone Fight Replay

Shawn Porter vs Erick Bone Round by Round

Round 1 Porter started the round with jabs followed by right, Bone landed left to the body, Body shots by Porter, Combination landed by Porter, Hard left landed by Porter,left uppercut by Porter both fighters exchange punches to end the round.

Round 2 Porter landed a series of jabs, Hard right by Porter, Hard body shot by Porter, Good left punch by Porter, Body shot by Porter, Left hook by Bone,Combination by Porter, Bone answered with counter left hook stops Porter mometarily.

Round 3 Left to the body landed by Porter followed by combination, body shots by Porter, left right by Bone, Hard right landed by Porter, body work by Porter, Another good right hand by Porter

Round 4 Double left by Porter followed by right, Left to the body by Porter, Good right hand by Porter, Combination by Porter, Bone landed a counter, Combination by Bone, Right landed by Bone, both fighters exchanges body punches, Right to the body landed by Bone.

Round 5 Double jab by Porter, another series of jabs landed by Porter, Counter right landed by Bone, Bodyshot by Porter, Bone answered back with bodyshots of his own, Porter landed a bodyshot Bone goes down, Vicious body shots attack by Porter, Hard left and right punch combination by Porter sent Bone again to the canvas for the second time in the fight. Referee stops the fight.

Official time 2 minutes and 30 seconds in round 5 the winner by TKO Shawn Porter

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