Roman Martinez vs Orlando Salido 2 Rematch Fight Replay


Roman Martinez vs Orlando Salido rematch at MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA for the WBO World super featherweight title

Division: super featherweight (130 lbs, 59.0 kg)

Roman Martinez vs Orlando Salido Rematch Fight Replay

Orlando Salido and Rocky Martinez had their second duel on 12 Septmeber. The earlier one in the month of April in San Juan, Puerto Rico, was won by Martinez by a whisker. Then only it was apparent that the second fight has to take place and that too very soon. Mayweather- Berto taking place on Mexican Independence day was the perfect occasion for the pair to meet once again and try their luck at each other, while entertaining the crowd.

And the pair did not disappoint in either of the departments. They fought each other for 12 rounds in front of a packed arena of MGM Grand Garden in Los Angeles. The duel ended in a draw. The first judge held aa score of 115- 113 in favor of Salido while the next one had the same score in favour of Martinez. The final and critical judge had the same score of 114- 114, hence resulting in a tie. Both the wrestlers were bitterly disappointed with the result. Martinez thought that he threw a lot of punches and did everything that was required to win, specially towards the end of the game. Salido seemed to share the thought, albeit fro himself. Bot the wrestlers cam prepared for tough 12 rounds and took the fight to the finishing line without raising a sweat, though Martinez was slightly worn out by the end.

The tie between Salido and Martinez meant that Martinez will continue to hold the junior lightweight world title, even though some may say that this has come by with a stroke of luck. ESPN as well scored the fight and squarely put Salido as the winner with 116- 112 as the score in favor of Salido. There is no doubt that fans and foes of both the wrestlers will certainly ask for an encore- a third match between them is inevitable.

Result: Roman Martinez vs Orlando Salido is a DRAW, 113-115, 115-113, 114-114)

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