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September 10, 2016 Gennady Golovkin vs Kell Brook at O2 Arena (Millenium Dome), Greenwich, London, United Kingdom
For the Following titles:
WBC World middleweight title (supervisor: Alberto Leon)
IBF World middleweight title (supervisor: Daryl Peoples)
International Boxing Organization World middleweight title (supervisor: Edward S. Levine)
Gennady Golovkin vs Kell Brook Fight
Kell Brook falls to Gennady Golovkin in a packed 02 arena

Gennady ‘Triple G’ Golovkin has tonight stamped his name as the world’s greatest middleweight boxer of the decade. The Kazakhstani has emerged victorious in the much awaited duel between him and Kell Brook. He brutally knocked out Brook in the fifth round. The IBF welterweight champion has seemingly suffered an eye socket damage from the impact.

The middleweight icon had entered the London 02 arena as the favorite to win and has clearly not disappointed. Having won his last seven matches by knockouts and being a decorated middleweight, boxing pundits betted on him to beat the British welterweight very early into the game.

A jampacked arena

Golovkin took on Brook in a jampacked arena that had Manchester United ace Zlatan Ibrahimovic as one of the spectators. The first round saw an even battle between the boxing greats. Golovkin hurled thunderous punches and Brook retaliated with jabs.

Round one ended in a moment of excitement with Brook struggling to his feet and landing Golovkin a hook and a jab after the latter had sent him to the ropes with a blow. The crowd were literally off their feet following Brook’s well calculated moves.

A favourable second round for Brook

Round two was the Englishman’s round to shine. He displayed skillfulness in this round and showed the middleweight beast that he too meant business. Golovkin tried to keep him outside but he responded with an uppercut and a right sending the middleweight reeling with a bleeding nose.

Round three was a very tight round that saw Golovkin make a comeback with a fierce right hander on his opponent. Brook didn’t take the right hander lying low, he immediately countered it with a right hand uppercut that sent the crowd roaring. Golovkin tried to save his pride by hurling a couple of heavy blows and a left hander that came after the bell.

Round four opened with a right hand jab from Brook. The Brit had a swollen right eye at this point from the impact of the previous round’s blows. Golovkin appeared desperate for victory in this round, he tried to aim for his opponent’s ribs but the welterweight was clever enough to dodge them. Brook’s uppercut was also blocked.

A game deciding round five

Golovkin emerged from the traps, pushed Brook to the ropes and then started aiming blow after blow on him. Brook sidestepped him and shrugged, pleasing the home crowd that was clearly routing for his win. He then received an intense punishment that sent him to the ropes again. This prompted action from his corner, his trainer Dominic Ingle threw in the towel to the disappointment of the crowd.

A win for Golovkin and dejection for Brook

Brook clearly looked disappointed after the curtains had come down on the match. He wore a sullen look and his right eye appeared painfully swollen. He dejectedly stood at a corner and stared into empty space as his victorious opponent was lifted up in celebration by his people.

The Sheffield born boxer has failed to realize his dream of beating Golovkin just like Leonard Sugar Rays did to Hagler years ago. In spite of the humiliating defeat, the 30 year old IBF welterweight boxer has won himself new admiration for having the courage and the determination to face the much feared middleweight champion.

Golovkin’s post match words

Golovkin expressed his respect for his opponent in a post match interview. He termed him as a very good fighter but one who is not so strong. He also hailed him as warrior and said that the fight had to end when it ended for the sake of Brook’s career and family. Asked whether Brook had hurt him with his punches, he said he didn’t really feel them. The middleweight star now says he wants a unification fight with WBO belt holder Billie Joe Saunders.

Entries in style

The two boxing stars had walked into the boxing arena in style. Golovkin had walked in to the sound of Seven Nation Army while Brook made his way into the arena amidst tunes from Kanye West and cheers from the ecstatic crowd. Golovkin on his part had made entrance with a montage of his wins. It was clearly style at its speak. The duo’s national anthems had been played before the game commenced.

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