Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Liam Smith completo lucha contra juegue de nuevo

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Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Liam Smith Video pelea completa

Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Liam Smith Completa Pelea

Septiembre 17, 2016 Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Liam Smith at&Estadio T, Arlington, Texas por el título peso súper welter OMB mundo

Liam Smith de Gran Bretaña pierde el título mundial al Canelo Alvarez mexicano
Al igual que muchos habían predicho, Canelo Álvarez emergió al vencedor en el choque del sábado con Liam Smith. La 26 año que viejo mexicano sirve Smith su primera derrota cuando él lo golpeó hacia fuera en el noveno asalto del partido.

Miles de fanáticos del boxeo habían agolpaban Dallas’ EN&Estadio T ver Alvarez arrebatar el título de peso mediano junior de la OMB de su rival inglés. La 80,000 plazas el estadio es casero a NFL Dallas Cowboys.

El mexicano libra por libra del boxeador mostró al mundo que puede reinar en todos los niveles derrotando a Smith en un partido fuera de su nicho. Alvarez había descendido una categoría de peso de 155 libras para luchar contra Smith en 154 nivel de libras. Smith ha sido sin duda el rey de peso mediano junior. Se ha ido invicto en 24 de su 25 partidos profesionales. También anteriormente ha luchado su manera en Gran Bretaña y la Commonwealth títulos de peso mediano ligeros, sin dejar de mencionar el título del mundo que había sido suyo hasta octavos de final de la noche del sábado de Alvarez dijo lo contrario.

Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Smith Liam ronda por ronda

Golpes en la primera ronda

El partido ampliamente cubierto arrancó con las dos estrellas golpeando unos a otros. La primera ronda terminó en favor de Alvarez como demostró para estar más alerta que el británico.

The second round was also Canelo’s to walk away with, although not with ease as it had been in the first round. The red haired middleweight fighter began by throwing punishing shots at his opponent. The Brit however didn’t bow to them, he responded with a right hand. The Mexican again threw three quick lefts to send him reeling but Smith responded with a heavy right. It was quite a tussle-filled round that saw Canelo sustain an abrasion around his left eye.

Smith moving less in round 3

Alvarez had an advantage over Smith right from the start of the third round. He caught the 28 year old at the ropes and landed him a right uppercut. He then continued to throw body shots and combos at the English sportsman who was by then moving around less, making him an easy target. Smith responded with a left hook but this was no match for Alvarez’s subsequent combo which included a right uppercut.

Smith’s comeback in round 4

Alvarez seemed to be the golden boy as round 4 ensued, he was throwing hard left punches. His magic moment was however only shortlived as Smith sent a right uppercut his way. Alvarez attempted to respond with some powerful combinations but Smith soon caught him at the ropes and dealt him a hard right. Alvarez’s vulnerability at this point saw Smith land him two more hard rights before the bell sounded. Smith’s flag certainly flew higher than the Mexican’s in this round.

Ronda 5 win for Smith

Like round 4, ronda 5 was also marked by an English win. Smith again caught his opponent at the ropes. He threw him a hard right on the face. Este, in combination with other powerful punches, made the light middleweight fighter round 5’s victor.

A tool and nail fight in round 6

Smith came into round 6 with a whole new lease of energy. He was throwing very hard shots and Alvarez was responding with shots of equal momentum. It was a toe to toe fight with Alvarez emerging the round’s winner. The Englishman was bleeding profusely from his right eye at this point.

Smith escapes a match-ending shot

If there was any round which could be termed as Alvarez’s best then it sure is round number 7. Smith’s throws didn’t have an effect if any on him. In addition to this, he achieved a feat that none of the boxers who have fought the Brit before has ever achieved, he threw the 154 pounds man to the ground for the very first time in his career. Smith avoided a possible match-ending shot by getting up quickly to deal the Mexican a left hook.

Canelo seeking a round 8 ganar

Canelo came fiercely on Smith in round 8, he kept sending him jabs and powerful right hands. Smith refused to give up and took him head on at the ropes. La 155 pounds specialist responded with a shot that sent Smith falling again. The British boxer was evidently losing it at this instance.

A win for Alvarez in round 9

A series of body shots, two right uppercuts, and a left liver shot were all Alvarez needed to seal his victory and head out with Smith’s WBO title. His moves sent Smith to the ground, leaving him in a dazed state. It was a KO for the Mexican great and a gloomy night in Texas for English champion.

Smith on his loss

Speaking at a post match interview, Smith said he was very disappointed by his loss. He added that he had failed to get the timing right and that Alvarez was superb.

Smith had hoped to make history by defeating the middleweight fighter who has only lost once to Floyd Mayweather throughout his 45 partidos profesionales. Alvarez is one of the names which send shudders down the spines of many boxers.

Saturday’s face off with Alvarez was Smith’s third time defending his world title. Por desgracia, he this time was forced to concede it as he failed to make the count when Alvarez knocked him down in the ninth round.

The Liverpool born sportsman has now played a total of 25 partidos profesionales. Saturday’s loss against Alvarez marks his first ever defeat.

Alvarez ready for Golovkin

After toppling Beefy, Alvarez now says he is ready for GGG. He said he is not afraid of any opponent and that he is the best in the sport. The new junior middleweight world champion however has to make it to 160 pounds in order to take on the Kazakhstani boxer.

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