Daniel Geale has been up for glory lately and he is rightly exploiting his ongoing winning streak. After convincingly winning the fight against Jarrod Fletcher, who would have thought that he would start looking for more first blood?

That is right – after his most intriguing match against Jarrod Fletcher, legendary boxer, Daniel Geale has already come up with the name of his next challenger – the famous Miguel Cotto. This has been a momentous journey for Daniel Geale, but it does not seem that he will take nay rest till he finishes his “wish list”.

This famous Harrington Park boxer was pretty momentous in fighting for his win over Fletcher the previous night, where he made sure that Jarrod would not be able to put a defense against his incoming attacks.

Daniel Geale challenges Miguel Cotto for yet another title

The “wish list” on Daniel Geale himself is not too short either. Previously, this particular Puerto Rican fighter Cotto was successful in his standing bouts against some of the very best. That included the likes of Floyd Mayweather as well as Manny Pacquiao.

The Puerto Rican Cotto has begun training for his next, and he himself has been skilfully targeted by Gennady Golovkin, one of the best middle weight boxers in the entire world. Standing at 33 years old, Daniel is confident about his upcoming fights.

Daniel Geale challenges Miguel Cotto for yet another title

Fighting with the world’s best middle weight fighters has its perks, and so Daniel Geale was quoted saying, “I want to fight for world titles. I want to win them – this is the first step towards that!” The fight between Daniel and Fletcher was a treat to watch.

Geale was pretty offensive right at the beginning and then slowed down a bit in the middle rounds to scout the ring, while looking for an opening to land in the knockout throw. His reserved fighting style was perhaps responsible for missing out on the knockout.

However, that did not prevent Daniel to win the match by a unanimous decision. The rounds at the middle were pretty defensive from both sides, but just as the bell hit the ring for the 11th round or so, Geale was back on the offensive, trying to cover Fletcher with his raining blows.

Both that round as well as the one following it was responsible for his winning this match. All judges were basically convinced at the end and landed in the fight in favour of Daniel at the score of 119 to 108.

Jarrod kept his cover up even when he was receiving blows and that might have been responsible for that 108 score. Geale later admitted that it was not his best show on the stage, and it was primarily due to Jarrod’s resistance.

Daniel will be looking forward for his next bout with Cotto, who himself is the present standing WBC middle weight champion.

In other news, the 25 year old Renold Quinlan was unable to land his dream victory over super weight champ Jake Carr. He did went for all 10 rounds but judges called it in favour of the champ in a close call of 96 to 95.

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