January 06, 2018 Cesar Juarez vs Isaac Dogboe at Bukom Boxing Arena, Accra for the interim WBO World Super Bantamweight Title

Cesar Juarez vs Isaac Dogboe Round by Round

Round 1 It was an action fight from the very start Doboe targets the head and body with hard and heavy combinations in terms of work rate Juarez meets his match, Dogboe stands in front of Juarez and trade hard shots.

Round 2 Dogboe measured Juarez with a Jabs then he followed it up with hard combinations Juarez can’t do anything but cover up Juarez landed some bodyshots he usually wear down his opponents with these shots three punch combination landed for Juarez but Dogboe countered him with a perfectly timed left hook and down goes Juarez for the firs time in the fight. Dogboe sensing that Juarez is still hurt he threw in more shots to the head and body of Juarez, Juarez taking a lot of hard shots but he was unable to land any signifcant shot that could stopped Dogboe’s onslaught at the end of the round Juarez finally landed a hard left hook but Dogboe takes it well.

Round 3 Dogboe started the round with left hook uppercut and bodyshot another double left hook landed for Dogboe followed by right, another bodyshot landed for Dogboe combination by Dogboe, Juarez missing his shots another hard right by Dogboe hard bodyshots by Juarez but Dogboe never backs down and continue to trade hard shots, hard left hook landed by Dogboe to end the round.

Round 4 Dogboe missed wildly with left hook, Double jabs landed for Dogboe, another hard bodyshot by Dogboe, big right hand landed by Juarez, combination by Juarez, Dogboe ties him up, double left landed for Dogboe followed by combination, rihgt to the body by Juarez, combination by Dogboe followed by uppercut, Juarez keeps on trying to land the big shot but Dogboe was able to take it. before the round ends Dogboe landed another uppercut.

Round 5 Dogboe started the round with jabs followed by combination hard left hook by
Dogboe momentarily stunned Juarez, Juarez fights back and throws some combination, Hard right landed by Dogboe, Juarez landed body shots and left hook to the head stiff left jab landed to the face of Juarez, Dogboe almost slipped then the catches Juarez again with hard right hook, Signature body shots for Juarez, three puch combination by Dogboe, hard bodyshot by Juarez, Dogboe landed an excellent left hook that froze Juarez then he goes down for the second time in the fight Juarez legs are wobbly and referee Tony Weeks decided to stopped the fight.

The end comes in 2 minutes and 12 seconds in the 5th round the winner by TKO Isaac ‘Brave Son’ Dogboe from Accra, Ghana

Whats next for Isaac Dogboe?
Now the he won the Interim WBO World Super Bantamweight Title impressively he is now the mandatory challenger to Jessie Magdaleno’s WBO World Super Bantamweight Title but still if Magdaleno’s promoter is interested with this fight, Magdaleno was supposed to be facing Juarez November last year but the fight didn’t happened because Magdaleno sustained injury. With Dogboe’s performance tonight one this for sure its not an easy fight for Magdaleno.

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