Filipino Boxer Brian ‘Hawaiian Punch’ Viloria Knock Out Highlights
Brian Viloria is scheduled to fight Undefeated Artem Dalakian from Ukraine on February 24, 2018 at Forum, Inglewood for the vacant WBA World Flyweight Title
Brian Viloria made a successful comeback after losing to Roman Gonzalez, last year Viloria defeated Ruben Montoya by unanimous decision and Stopped Miguel Cartagena in the 5th round

Complete List of Brian Viloria fights which he won by stoppage

2017-09-09 Brian Viloria vs Miguel Cartagena

2015-07-25 Brian Viloria vs Omar Soto

2014-12-06 Brian Viloria vs Armando Vazquez

2014-07-19 Brian Viloria vs Jose Alfredo Zuniga

2012-11-17 Brian Viloria vs Hernan Marquez

2012-05-13 Brian Viloria vs Omar Nino Romero

2011-12-11 Brian Viloria vs Giovani Segura

2010-11-05 Brian Viloria vs Phaiboon Chumthong

2009-04-19 Brian Viloria vs Ulises Solis

2008-12-12 Brian Viloria vs Benjamin Garcia*

2008-05-17 Brian Viloria vs Fred Heberto Valdez

2005-09-10 Brian Viloria vs Eric Ortiz

2005-05-28 Brian Viloria vs Ruben Contreras

2004-12-16 Brian Viloria vs Angel Antonio Priolo

2004-06-04 Brian Viloria vs Gilberto Keb Baas

2003-07-22 Brian Viloria vs Luis Doria

2003-04-15 Brian Viloria vs Valentin Leon

2002-06-18 Brian Viloria vs Francisco Soto

2002-05-17 Brian Viloria vs Sandro Orlando Oviedo

2002-03-15 Brian Viloria vs Leonardo Gutierrez

2002-01-05 Brian Viloria vs Antonio Perez

2001-11-09 Brian Viloria vs Sheldon Wile

2001-09-28 Brian Viloria vs Kenny Berrios

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