What is Exercise?

Exercise is a physical activity that enhances fitness.  It improves the immune system and serves as protection from various diseases. With the regularity of exercise, it eventually enhances physical health and wellness.  There are different types of exercise that will help you maintain bodily functions:

  • The exercise for muscles and joints is called Flexibility Exercise.  The most common ways are bending and stretching.  The upper extremity is flexed and extended for a flexion-extension program.  This is done by bending the elbow joint and the shoulder joint.  In the lower extremity, bending of joint is from the knee joint and the hip joint.  This type of exercise will:

-  Relieves joint pain

- Prevents stiffness

-  Improves posture

-  Improves circulation

-  Improves breathing

-  Reduce muscle soreness

-  Reduce muscle injuries

-  Enhances flexibility

-  Enhances resilience

  • Cardiovascular exercise is also called, Aerobic Exercise.  This will promote cardiovascular wellness and endurance.  The program exercise is from moderate activity to more intense.  The goal is to reach specific heart rate.  The following are exercises into this category:

-  Running

-  Swimming

- Jogging

-  Cycling

-  All other sports

  • Anaerobic Exercise is also known as the weight-lifting exercise.  This is where muscles are built in endurance, strength, and size.  The common exercises are squatting, push and pull ups, sit ups, etc.  This type of exercise is mostly used by people who wish to have weight loss.  The activities are:

- Functional training

- Weight training

-  Sprinting

-  Cooling training

What is Boxing?

Boxing is a physical sport.  It is actually a combat sport using the fist enclosed in boxing gloves.  The blows are restricted below the waists.  There are famous boxers worldwide making a name and history in sports.  This is also referred or called as:

  • Professional fighting
  • Pugilism
  • Sweet science
  • Prize fighting

This sport is of amateur or professional level with 2 fighters wearing gloves.  Fist is used to topple one fighter.  There are restrictions and there are rules.  The match reaches up to level 12.  Winner is proclaimed in favor of the fighter with the least punches.  A knocked down fighter will be declared looser if he can not stand and resume the game at the count of ten.  The fight is held inside a boxing ring.  The game is into 2 levels:

  • Amatuer level is done at Olympic and Commonwealth Games.  This uses point scoring system.
  • Professional level is about bouts longer than the amateur level.  There will be four rounds of two minutes each

Boxing Training as an Exercise

Exercise and boxing training is a good combination if you want a perfect fit.  It is also a perfect match for a great match inside the ring.  But always remember that all learned skills must be couples with the right attitude and flexibility to surpass a good win.  Boxing is not merely a pair of boxing gloves and throwing punches.  Boxing is a technique to make the perfect punch where it can give you the win.  Continue with the Boxing training and keep a healthy mind, body and spirit and surely, you conquer the ring.

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