To dream is free!  If you dream to become anything, work hard to get it.  Work really hard to become successful.  You just don’t chase for your dream without hard work and dedication.  You don’t just stick to your dream without moving a muscle because it is not always that everything you dream of will be delivered to you.  What it is that you dream of?  Are you ready for the challenges to reach it?

You want to become a boxer.  You dream of a winning fight inside a boxing ring.  It is not easy.  There are more than one ways to become one.  The world in the boxing ring does not stop at one boxer just knowing the Boxing Techniques because you need to live and use it well and smartly.  What happened to one boxer‒ his fame and disappointments may or may not happen to you.  What one boxer treaded on might not be what you will pass by when your time comes.

Imagine the boxing ring kings‒ the famous punch celebrities who enjoyed all the glories and forgot the after math of their fame.   Boxing is a serious physical game, it can be fatal.  A lot of boxers who were knocked down didn’t wake up.  Some were dead.  Maybe, beaten black and blue is just a minor injury, but have you ever heard about Traumatic Brain Injury?  This is a serious affectation of the brain.

This happens when the head is subjected to a hard pressure like a heavy punch.  The brain will shake and the part that is blown will be injured.  The human brain corresponds to the body parts.  So, the affected parts will depend on the locality of the punch.  Not all people are the same.  Some can resist the heavy punches without damaging their brains.  Some can evade the fatal blow.  What about the others?  What about those that has only a dream but no penny in their names and they injure their selves?

This is what training and work out comes of importance.  You ready yourself.  You subject yourself in a program where you learn the techniques in winning.  You must learn that going up in a ring is not fighting with someone.  You do boxing.  You enjoy and focus on winning‒ fairly.  You start building the world you dream of.  You make dreams come true without having to compromise your physicality and you work the hardest to build your body, your mind, and health for the win that you set forth.

There are tips you can get from people you know.  Hear them.  There are books from trainers who coached well for multiple of wins.  Read it all.  You have to form the right defenses by knowing what had and is to happen.  Above all, you need to believe in yourself so that when the time comes, you know what kind of world you are to face inside and outside the boxing ring.  Visit the famous boxing rings.  Choose for one that brings you the air of comfort and perseverance.  The same way, choose a trainer that is flexible with you.

Who says, you can’t win?