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November 12, 2016 Conor McGregor vs Eddie Alvarez for the UFC lightweight title at New York City’s Madison Square Garden


Conor McGregor knocks out Eddie Alvarez to become UFC’s first simultaneous two-title holder

Conor McGregor on Saturday night made history by becoming the first ever UFC fighter to simultaneously hold two belts. The Irishman knocked out UFC lightweight fighter Eddie Alvarez to achieve this feat that has elluded hundreds of fighters before him.

It didn’t take long for McGregor to make minced meat out of his opponent as the knockout came just 3:04 into the second round. The duo’s fight was headlining the UFC 205 event which was being held at the Madison Square in NYC. Tyron Woodley had earlier on floored Stephen Thompson to retain his UFC welterweight title in an undercard match.


In what many ringside interpreted as a brash personality, McGregor walked into the ring Saturday night looking too confident for Pete’s sake. The 28 year old strutted around the ring level headed, back ramrod straight, and arms outstretched, an attitude of a warrior who is sure of his ability to crush his enemy. The attitude and showmanship did indeed serve him as he knocked down his opponent thrice in just round one alone.

McGregor’s brash attitude was however a stark contrast to that of Alvarez who paced about the ring somewhat anxiously as he waited for the fight to kick off.

An easy game for McGregor

The Irishman showcased clinical fighting skills in the first round. He opened this round by handing his opponent his infamous left hand twice to send him to the canvas. Alvarez managed to bounce back but the fierce McGregor soon had him on the canvas again with another left hand. He again sustained a knock down punch before the bell rang to end the opening round.

Knockout in the second round

The Notorious carried on with his perfect acts in the second round. Four shots are all he needed to seal his victory Saturday night. He opened the round by dealing the former Bellator MMA champion a combination that sent him struggling to stay upright. He followed this with two more lefts and that was it, the Philadelphia native was on the ground. He failed to beat referee John McCathy’s count and the night ended.

McGregor’s post victory action

Just like he had started the night in style, the new UFC lightweight champion ended the night in style. After edging Alvarez out of his title, he walked around the ring in a macho manner, his two belts held up for all eyes to see. He then took to the mic to say he was apologising to no one amidst cheers from the crowd. He continued walking about even after most of the fans had begun to exit the venue.

McGregor’s actions Saturday night weren’t farfetched. He is widely known for his showman antics both within and without the ring. His showmanship is in fact currently unrivalled in the whole of UFC. When it comes to theatrics and beating one’s own drum, he is to UFC what Usain Bolt is to athletics.

McGregor’s theatrics had started even before the big night. On Thursday’s press conference, he walked in late donning a mink coat and said that he was going to rearrange his opponent’s face. He further displayed brashness Saturday night by taunting Alvarez twice through putting his hands behind his back.

A man of the people

The UFC lightweight and featherweight champion is for sure a man of the people. The swarm of fans present at the Madison Square Garden cheered him up every minute of the game. The cheers had started even before the match kicked off as the crowd went wild with excitement every time McGregor’s was shown on the big screen. The venue had been packed by a good number of both Irish and Irish American fans. Some fans had even walked in draped in Irish flags.

What next for McGregor

It’s not very clear what is up next for McGregor (21-3, 18KOs) after defeating Alvarez but it is believed he may take some hiatus from fighting. The UFC ace revealed after the fight that he and his girlfriend are expecting a child in May, this may prompt him to take some time away from fighting.

How about Alvarez

It is also not very clear what Alvarez (28-5, 15KOs)’s next stop will be from NYC. All in all, he has to up his game following his humiliating loss to challenger McGregor in their Saturday night title bout. It remains to be seen if he will bounce back from the turnout on Saturday night.

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