Nicholas Walters vs. Jason Sosa Fight Replay

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December 19, 2015.Nicholas Walters vs. Jason Sosa Full Fight at Turning Stone Resort & Casino, Verona, New York, USA
Nicholas Walters vs. Jason Sosa Fight Replay

In a completely confusing turn of events that robbed Nicholas Walters of an obvious win this evening on HBO Boxing After Dark, the 3 judges sitting ringside responsible for professionally scoring the bout came up with a draw for the bout between Nicholas Walters vs. Jason Sosa, scoring the combat 95-95 on 2 cards and even more amazingly, 96-94 for Sosa on the 3rd.

BLH had the combat 100-90 for Walters. Harold Lederman of HBO had it 99-91 for Nicholas. There was absolutely no argument that Sosa deserved a draw in this bout, not to mention that somehow he earned a triumph, unless of course one was to completely ignore the body punches as though they were unlawful or at least hidden blows, in which case Walters still quite clearly won the battle, but here we are.

The sole consolation for Walters is the fact that Judge Tom Schreck’s pro-Sosa card ended up being overruled just enough by Wynn Kintz and Don Ackerman’s draw scores which Walters does not have to take an even more extravagant first loss. However, this is a horrible way to lose your perfect record.
All this confuses the fight itself that saw Walters work quite nicely to the body winning rounds regularly against a game however somewhat overmatched Jason Sosa, who proved himself to be an excellent pugilist, just not one worthy of a draw.

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