Misfits x SERIES 014  Mist vs. Ryan Taylor at The Troxy in London, England

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In a thrilling match at Misfits Boxing 14 in London, UK rapper Mist faced off against his former friend turned rival, Ryan Taylor. The stakes were high, and the outcome was nothing short of explosive.

Here are the key highlights:

Mercy Stoppage Knockout:
Mist dominated the fight from the get-go. With seemingly every punch he landed, he sent Taylor sprawling across the ring. The referee had no choice but to mercifully stop the fight just over two minutes into the first round.
Taylor hit the canvas multiple times, unable to withstand Mist’s relentless assault. It was a clear victory for Mist, who made a powerful statement in the influencer boxing world1.

The Rising Star:
Mist, known for his successful music career, stepped into the boxing ring for the first time. His performance showcased not only his raw talent but also his determination to conquer a new arena.
The win against Ryan Taylor solidified Mist’s position as a rising star in the boxing scene, leaving fans and critics alike in awe2.

The Aftermath:
While the fight was intense, it also highlighted the crossover appeal of influencer boxing. Fans eagerly anticipate Mist’s next move, wondering if he’ll continue to pursue boxing alongside his music career.
As for Ryan Taylor, he’ll need to regroup and strategize if he wants to bounce back from this defeat.

In summary, Mist’s knockout victory over Ryan Taylor was a memorable moment in the world of influencer boxing. It showcased Mist’s power, determination, and ability to captivate audiences both on stage and in the ring. Keep an eye out for more exciting matchups as these influencers continue to redefine the sport!

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