Jully Poca and 6ar6ie6 at Misfits x SERIES 014: at The Troxy in London, England

Jully Poca:
Jully Poca is a rising star in the cruiserweight division. With a record of 5 wins and 1 loss, she brings a mix of power and technical skill to the ring. Her aggressive style and ability to close the distance make her a formidable opponent.
Poca’s last fight was against Lena “The Hammer” Hammerstein, where she secured a unanimous decision victory. She’ll be looking to continue her winning streak and make a statement in this bout.
6ar6ie6 (pronounced “Zarzie”) is an enigmatic fighter with a mysterious background. Little is known about this competitor, but rumors suggest that they have a unique fighting style and unconventional training methods.
Despite their relative anonymity, 6ar6ie6 has a record of 3 wins and no losses. Their opponents have struggled to decipher their unorthodox movements and unpredictable attacks.
This clash between Jully Poca and 6ar6ie6 promises intrigue, as fans wonder whether Poca’s experience will prevail or if 6ar6ie6’s unorthodox approach will lead to an upset.
The cruiserweight division is heating up, and this matchup could be a defining moment for both fighters. Tune in to Misfits Boxing to witness this exciting battle!

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