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On May 30, 2015 Milan Melindo fought Javier Mendoza at Campo Nuevo Ensenada, Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico for the IBF World light flyweight title

Milan Melindo vs Javier Mendoza Fight
Fight Highlights: Melindo cut over right eye in head clash in 6th but bout stopped due to cut over Mendoza’s left eye suffered in clash of heads, also in 6th. Melindo deducted a point for a low blow in 5th.

Milan Melindo Losses his second world championship.

Yesterday, Javier Mendoza managed to retain his IBF junior flyweight title in a foul filled fight in Ensenada, Mexico. He beat Milan Melindo on a six-round technical decision. The fight was stopped after Milan cut Mendoza with his many head butts. Though the two fighters were injured from the head butts, Mendoza’s laceration was the most serious of the two.
The fight was marred with Head butts from the start. We even saw both men fall to the canvas as Melindo landed a low blow followed by an overhand right. Mendoza tried to take an advantage of this by slumbing along the ropes so as to draw a penalty.
The fight ended with a judges decision of 60-52, 60-52 and 59-53, all for Mendoza.

Melindo (32-2, 12 KO) was the undisputed king of fouls in this fight. A foul machine to be specific. It seemed that he was fighting with his head rather than his fists. The traditional Southpaw-Orthodox match up was not working in this fight as each fighter tried to hurt the other one through any means necessary. We witnessed Milan throw a few low punches which saw him lose a point in the fifth round due to excessive low punches. The fight was comical with a few punches to the hindquarters at some point of the fight.

Apart from the fouls, the fight was entertaining. The two fighters mixed up very nicely. Mendoza the cobra was apparently in control, he was getting the better of things . Though the fight was not long enough to determine who was a better fighter between the two, we can conclude that mendoza was the best man. “Cobra” Mendoza (24-2-1, 19 KO) managed to stay a head of his opponent, landing punch after punch, but nobody landed anything damage . He managed to stay in the top five list on the pretty competitive junior flyweight division.

The fight was filled with headbutts right from the first round. Though it was supposed to be an Orthodox-Southpaw match up, this did not work out as we expected. Melindo (32-2, 12 knockouts) started the match by rocking the incumbent champion in the first round. Though the headbutt was accidental, it seemed to set off the fight in the wrong foot.

At the end of the first round, we saw the two fighters fall to the canvas. Melindo landed a blow that was very controversial though it was a clean shot. He followed this with an overhand right. Mendoza tried to draw a penalty from this by slumping along the ropes but this was not successful as Melindo fell off balance too.

Melindo managed to land more effective rounds in the second round. He seemed to be more controlled and designed for a come back. We saw him taking the initiative with some very fast left crosses against his opponent.

Mendoza’s power advantage helped him carry the fight as he landed effectively with body punching in the third and fourth rounds. Melindo had strayed low repeatedly throughout the fight and lost a point for low blows in round 5.

Though some people think that the point deducted from Melindo was unfair. They think that it was a referee oversight on a very clean shot. With that in mind, you should consider that it was not the first low blow from Melindo.

The fight was intresting to watch. Melindo seemes to be getting back into his previous form. Though the fight was not long enough to determine the clear winner between the two, Mendoza seemed to be more composed of the two. The fight was really contrevesial, it was filled with low blows and accidental headbuts. The two fighters need to ask for a rematch so that a clear win can be established.

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