Mayweather proves that preparation is not all about training, but knowing your enemy as well!

Three days ago, Manny Pacquiao accused Floyd Mayweather of having a spy in his camp. This allegation stem due to the fact that Mayweather had knowledge about his shoulder injury even before he stepped into the ring. Since he had not disclosed this to the public, he stated that the Mayweather camp could only have received this insider information from having a spy in his camp.

In a recent interview with Fight hype, Mayweather boasted of having insider information about all Pacquiao activities including his training programs. He said that he Knew everything Manny did in his camp on daily basis. He bragged that the information he received was so detailed that he knew the number of round Pacquiao boxed and even the condition of his legs. He attributed this information to a spy inside his opponents camp who was feeding him with this priceless information.
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Quoting the art of war

Although he did not directly accept having a spy at Pacquiao’s camp, or knowing about the injury on Pacquiao’s shoulder, he quoted the Art of war, claiming that knowing everything there was about yourself is important, but knowing everything about your any will win any fight. He boasted of always being a step ahead of everyone.

Mayweather went to an extend of Mocking Pacquiao for not disclosing his injury in advance.” Why did you not disclose your injury earlier?”, He asked. Despite mocking him, he declared his willingness to give Pacquiao a rematch after his shoulder heals, to prove critics that he can still beat Pacquiao, even with all parts of his body functioning normally.

On Wednesday, Pacquiao went under the knife to repair the shoulder tear( his Rotators cap) and is expected to stay in the sidelines for several months, even a whole year. He said that it was this injury , sustained during a training session, that forced him to fight one handed hence contributing to his loss to Mayweather.

These new developments from the fight of the century raises the speculations the Pacquiao was a better fighter. If he managed to hold of Mayweather for all that time, even managing to control the fight in some rounds using only one hand, we can only imagine what he could have done to Mayweather with both of his hands! But we can not blame Mayweather for having inside information on his opponents, this goes on to cement his reputation as a cunning fighter who can go to great lengths in order to win his fights. Lets wait and see if Pacquiao will ask for a rematch.

Stay on the look out, we will be updating you with all recent development on the Mayweather- Pacquiao rematch and all the recent developments in the boxing world.

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