Manny Pacquiao vs Lucas Martin Matthysse Fight at Axiata Arena, Kuala Lumpur for the World Boxing Association World Welterweight Title

Manny Pacquiao vs Lucas Martin Matthysse round by Round

Round 1
Pacquiao landed good left to spoil Matthysse’s offense

Round 2
uppercut landed by Pacquiao, right hook landed for Pacquiao, bodyshot by Pacquiao , Right hook again by Pacquiao, Left hook landed by Matthysse, left hook to the body landed by Lucas, Counter right hook landed by Pacman followed by combination, hook to the body by Manny, good right hand by Lucas, Another good round for Pacquiao he is making Lucas miss.

Round 3
Pacquiao puts down Matthyse with uppercut, another left landed by Pacman, lef straight landed by Pacquiao, hard left landed by Lucas, 1-2 combination landed by Pacquiao, bodywork by Pacquiao, another 1-2 by Pacquiao,

Round 4 double jab by Pacquiao, 1-2 landed by Pacquiao, hard left by Pacquiao, hard left by Pacquiao, bodyshots by Lucas, hard left landed by Lucas, Right hand landed by Lucas Pacquiao takes in well, jab by Pacquiao, uppercut by Pacquiao stunned Lucas,

Round 5 Pacquiao started the round with 1-2, left landed by Pacquiao, another counter left landed by Pacquiao, good jab by Matthysse, Combination landed by Pacquiao, bodyshot left hook landed by Pacquiao, Uppercut landed by Pacquiao, double jab by Pacman, good left by Matthysse good right hand by Matthysse, Pacquao puts down Lucas again,

Roud 6 Matthysse landed low blow, Combination by Manny, Good right hook by Pacquiao, right hook by Pacquiao, left straight landed by Pacquiao, uppercut again by Pacquiao, left sraight landed agian by Pacman, right hook by Pacquiao, double jabs by Lucas, uppercut by Pacquiao, right hook by Pacquiao, body shot by Pacquiao, stiff jab landed by Matthysse.

Round 7 Jab landed by Lucas, left staight landed by Pacquiao, anotehr hard left landed by Pacman, jab by Lucas, Manny counter him, Combination by Pacquiao, 1-2 by Pacquiao, bodyshot by Matthysse, right hook uppercut by Pacquiao down goes Matthysse, Kenny Bayless stopped the fight,

Manny Pacquiao defeated Lucas Matthysse by way of TKO in the 7th round.

Who’s next for Manny Pacquiao?
After becoming a champion once again he can fight who ever he wants, he can fight Amir Khan, the winner of Danny Garcia vs Shawn porter, or the Champions like Keith Thurman, Errol Spence Jr and New Champion Terence Crawford who stopped Jeff Horn.

In my opinion Amir Khan fight is the best fight for Pacman at this stage of his career, the Champions like Thurman, Spence Jr and Crawford are dangerous fight at this stage of his career but at his performance tonight I think Pacquiao could still be dangerous for these young champions.

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