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Why did you make your training so public with everybody around?

Pacquiao: Its hard to avoid the people, its good for me they rooting for me makes me feel good when Im jogging they jog also.

Is there any issue with sparring partners?

Pacquiao: We have alot of sparring partner that similare with his style (Mayweather) we dont have problem.

Is Erislandy Lara one of your Sparring Partners?

Pacquiao: Yes one of my sparring partner

What is your strenght agaist Mayweather is it speed or Power?

Pacquiao: Speed and Power you know I have to make sure that Im hundred percent conditioned physically mentally and spiritually in the night of the fight its in God’s hand.

Are you training to knock him? What is your main motivation in this fight is it the glory why is this fight important?

Pacquiao: This fight is really important What I want to glorify in this fight is God I want to glorify his name with this fight.

Do you need a knockout to beat Floyd Mayweather?

Pacquiao: Its hard to say its in God’s hand if the knockout come it will come.

Why Floyd is so quiet?

Pacquiao: I don’t know I have no idea its hard say comment

Are you the one the people want to win?

Pacquiao: I believe so, I believe that more people want me to win for this fight and lot of people supporting me in this fight.


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