Lucas Matthysse vs. Tewa Kiram Full Fight Replay


January 27, 2018 Lucas Matthysse vs. Tewa Kiram at Forum, Ingewood California USA for the vacant WBA World Welterweight Title

Lucas Matthysse vs Tewa Kiram Round by Round

Round 1 The Thailander outlanding Matthysse with jabs throuhout the round.

Round 2 Kiram landing jabs, keeping his distance, hard left jab by Matthysse,
Kiram out jabbing Matthysse, hard right by Matthysse, double jab by Tiram.

round 3 1- 2 combo by Kiram, bodyshot by Matthysse, 3 punch combo by Kiram
uppercut by Matthysse, another jab by Kiram 1-2 by Kiram, uppercut by Matthysse
Jab right hand by Kiram, Hard bodyshot by Matthysse

round 4 Kiram landed another jab, hard 1-2 combination by Kiram, another combination by Kiram.
Hard jabs by Kiram, hard right by Matthysse double jab by Kiram. Overhand right by Matthyse,
Kiram countered him with jabs, another good right hand by Matthysse

round 5 Jab by Kiram, left right combo by Matthysse.
Another jab landed by Kiram, jab again by Kira, hard right by Kiram
another jab by Kira, hard right by Kiram.

Round 6 Matthysse started the round with bodyshot, left jab by Matthyse
jabs again landed for Kiram, Hard jab by Kiram, 1-2 by Kiram

Round 7 jab 1-2 combo by Kiram, hard right hand by Kiram
3 punch combo by Kira,, bodyshot by Matthyse, double jab by Kira,, 3 punch combo by Kiram,
another combo by Kiram hard right by Matthyse,
hard right by Kiram.

Round 8 1-2 by Kiram, Jab Hard right by Matthyyse down goes Kiram, Kiram gets up and fights back.
It was a bad idea, left jab my Matthysse down goes Kiram again. Fight is over.

Kiram unable to continue.

The winner by KO Lucas Matthysee

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