List of Johnriel “Quadro Alas” Casimero’s Televised Fights

2014–05–03 Johnriel Casimero vs Mauricio Fuentes

2013–10–26 Johnriel Casimero vs Luis Alberto Rios

2013–03–16 Johnriel Casimero vs Felipe Salguero

2012–08–04 Johnriel Casimero vs Pedro Guevara

2012–02–10 Johnriel Casimero vs Luis Alberto Lazarte

2011–10–15 Johnriel Casimero vs Roemart Sentillas

2011–03–26 Johnriel Casimero vs Moruti Mthalane

2010–07–24 Johnriel Casimero vs Ramón García Hirales

2009–12–19 Johnriel Casimero vs César Canchila

2009–05–28 Johnriel Casimero vs Ardin Diale

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