Gennady Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez 2 Rematch Preview

It’s the most awaited rematch of the Year. After a six month delay, the middleweight belt will be on the line in Gennady Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez 2. The Build Up to the Battle Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin originally faced off in September 2017 in a bout that went all 12 rounds, ending in a controversial decision that led to a draw.
While judge Dave Moretti had Golovkin winning the match 115-113, Don Trella called the fight an even draw. That left only Adalaide Byrd, who gave a decided advantage to Alvarez at 118-110. That has sparked controversy and Internet fodder ever since the decision, which inevitably led to a rematch being scheduled.
The fight was planned for May 2018, but Alvarez twice failed random urine tests, testing positive for clenbuterol in each case, a banned substance under the boxing governing body’s rules. A rematch was finally set for September 15, 2018. That battle will be in Paradise, Nevada at the T-Mobile Arena.

Why Canelo Alvarez Will Win
Alvarez enters this fight with a 49-1-2 record, including 34 knockouts. He has won seven of the last eight fights he has been in. The middleweight has incredible power, knocking out eight of his last 13 opponents. It is his extreme punching power that has made him a real force, and why many suspect that the rematch will clearly go in his favor.
Alvarez is a good tactical fighter as well. His main strategy is to take an offensive stance during the match, coming at his opponent looking to use his strength and power to create early round knockouts. However, he knows how to defend himself as well, and is able to avoid punches with an almost artistic bobbing and weaving pattern, while looking for the perfect position to lay a knockout blow.
While quick and aggressive, Alvarez is also able to take a punch. In the original match, Golovkin got in some devastating blows, but they barely seemed to faze the fighter. He is best when he is dictating the fight, so look for him to come out aggressively in the rematch.

Why Gennady Golovkin Will Win
Golovkin, also known as GGG, is 38-0-1 in his 39 career matches with the only blemish on his record being the draw against Alvarez. He is a traditional fighter, using an orthodox dance and a very tactical approach to boxing which has made him a favorite in this fight at -190.
Golovkin is a machine that knocking out opponents, as 34 of his 38 victories have been by knockout. That is a remarkable achievement, and is a reason why many are seeing this as one of the best fights of the last 20 years. GGG is also aggressive, looking to force his opponent into making mistakes so he can then land a powerful uppercut or cross.
Golovkin is one of the smarter and best trained fighters in his class. He is constantly looking for openings and is willing to allow his opponent to dictate the action, waiting for that opportunity to deliver a crushing blow.

Who Will Win
Age is a factor in this contest as Golovkin is now 36 years old, but one must also consider that Alvarez will not have been in the ring for over a year when this fight finally occurs. To many, Golovkin clearly won the last fight, and it is likely that he will want to cement his legacy as the greatest middleweight of all time with a decisive blow over Alvarez. My prediction Gennady Golovkin will win this fight but this is boxing its full of surprises, You actually won’t know who will win until the final bell. Sometimes judges will make it controversial once again, Canelo also has a big chance to win this fight.

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