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On August 26th, 2017 Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Conor Mcgregor at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada

Floyd mayweather Jr vs. Conor Mcgregor Fight Replay

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Conor Mcgregor

Round 1 Mcgregor started the round agressively pushing Mayweather on the ropes Mcgregor outworking Mayweather so far – Mcgrefor won the first round

Round 2 Mcgregor continue to outwork Mayweather, body shot by Conor, Hard Left landed by Mcgregor wow Mcgregor was doing really great.

Round 3 Combination by Mcgregor to start the round followed by rabit punch, another combination by Conor Floyd answered back with bodyshot. Wow Mcgregor out jabbing and out landing Mayweather, Right hand to the body by Mayweather quick jabs by Mcgreggor, Mcgreggor landing

Round 4 Mcgreggor cornered Floyd on the ropes and landed combination bodyshot by Conor followed by hard left , Right hand by Mayweather, Mayweather started to land some combination counter left by Mcgreggor pops Mayweathers head back

Round 5 Right jab landed by Conor chopping left landed again by Mcgregor 1-2 landed by Floyd left hand lands for Mayweather Conor ties him up body shots landed by Conor

Round 6 Conor landing good jabs plus combination while Mayweather was at his back 3 consecutive right hand landed by Floyd hard boy shot by Conoer another bodyworkd by Mcgrreggor good right hand by Mayweather left jab followed by bodyshot by Conor.

Round 7 Mayweather going to the body Conor answered back with head and body combo, bodyshot by Mcgregor lead right hand scored by Floyd another combination landed by Floyd, couple of right hand landed by Floyd

Round 8 Conor landed combination once again Mcgregor sneaked in a left hand Mayweather started to land some good shots right hook by Conor, quick left jabs by Floyd uppercut by Mayweather, nice combination by Mcgregor left hand to the head and body by Mcgregor

Round 9 Mcgregor hurt Mayweather with bodyshot ref ruled it as low blow combination landed again for Conor Floyd answered by with hard right, and another right by Floyd Left and right hand hurts Conor, Mcgreggor looks exhausted wow Mcgregor survived the round.

Round 10 Mcgregor trying to survive combination landed by Floyd, Mcgreggor looks helpless and exhausted Floyd finish him off with combination the referee stopped the fight.

Floyd Mayweather defeated Conor Mcgregor by 10th Round TKO

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