Chris Colbert vs Jaime Arboleda Full Fight Replay


December 12, 2020 Chris Colbert vs Jaime Arboleda at Mohegan Sun Casino, Uncasville

Chris Colbert vs Jaime Arboleda round by Round

Round 1 Quick left jab by Colbert, double Jab right hand landed by Colbert
Combination by Colbert, 1-2 combo landed by Colbert,

Round 2 Quick jab by Colbert, bodyshot by Arboleda,
combination by Arboleda, Colbert countered him, nice uppercut by Colbert
uppercut by Arboleda, bodyshot by Colbert, bodyshot by Colbert, bodyshot by Arboleda.
3 punch combo by colbert, another combination by Colbert stunned Arboleda.

Round 3 uppercut by Colbert, right jab landed for Colbert
Left uppercut by Colbert, 1-2 combo by Colbert
Quick jab by Colbert, uppercut lefthook landed for Colbert.

Round 4 Quick jab by Colbert, combination by Arboleda
uppercut by Colbert, combination by Colbert, bodyshot by Arboleda.
combination by Arboleda, overhand right landed for ARboleda
uppercut by Colbert, Arboleda taking advantage while Colbert is sitting on the ropes landing combinations.

Round 5 upperct by Colbert, jab by Colbert
bodyshot by Colbert, left uppercut by Colbert
uppercut by Colbert momentarily stunned Arboleda

Round 6 Colbert fighting hands down, bodyshot by Arboleda
chopping righ hand by Arboleda, nice combination to the body by Colbert
nice righ hand by Colbert, bodyshot by Colbert
Overhand right landed by Colbert, Solid right hand to the body by Colbert
Bodyshot combination by Arboleda,

Round 7 Right hand to the chin landed by Colbert
Counter right by Colbert. double jab by Arboleda
combination by Colbert, combination again by Colbert

Round 8 Counter lefthook landed for Colbert, Right hand by Colbert
combination by Arboleda,bodyshot by Colbert too low, referee deducted 1 point.
Good counter left hand by Colbert, hard bodyshot by Colbert, Stiff jab landed by Colbert
Good right hand by Colbert to close the round.

Round 9 Arboleda putting up combination, Colbert combination
Left and righ landed by Colbert, trading shots, good right hand by Colbert
Right hand colbert, combination again by Colbert, big uppercut by Colbert,
Arboleda goes down, from Colbert’s uppercut and left hook

Round 10 Hard right hand by Colbert, combination by Colbert
Right hand by Colbert, Hard right by Colbert,
right uppercut lefthook combo by Colbert,
bodyshot by Colbert, Right hand landed by Colbert
Bodyshot by Colbert, Rigth hand bodyshot landed by Colbert,

Round 11 combination by Colbert to start the round,
Jab by Colbert, combination by Colbert down goes Arboleda,
Combination again by Colbert down goes Arboleda for the second time in the fight,
anothert combination by Colbert, Arboleda got stunned ang the referee stopped the fight.

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