Bob Arum on Pacquioa vs Mayweather whats the latest


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Mayweather vs Pacquiao whats the latest

Bob Arum: The latest is as we’ve said Stripped bare all the non-sense everything is agreed to, everything we’ve been negotiating this for like more than four weeks we’ve finally reach an agreement at all points the lawyers are circulating the documents and everybody is acting very very positive about the fight happening with the exception of Mr. Mayweather who has his own agenda.

Can the fight happen?

Bob Arum: To have the fight happen you need two fighters now I know we got one fighter and thats Manny Pacquiao the other guy Im not sure of and why Im not sure of is because I always really have doubts whether he fight Pacquiao, why because talk to a boxing guy, I mean Mayweather is one of the great defensive fighters of all time, He has trouble with fast southpaw who can punch.
What will Manny Pacquiao do if Mayweather Pacquiao didn’t happen?

Bob Arum: We get another opponent obviously but Im not gonna discuss any of that until January 31st, I am optimistic that the fight can happen, I am not gonna do anything that prevent it from happening, Im all on board with Les Moonves, Richard, all the adults that wants the fight to happen and I think Haymon is on board and Pacquioa and Konz are on board so we are just waiting for hamlet because the truth is you can’t do a performance of hamlet without an hamlet.

Manny Pacquio says if he fight Mayweather he wins

Bob Arum: I think he stopps Mayweather, problem is Mayweather thinks the same thing.

Is this fight the biggerst fight of your career?

Bob Arum: Yeah sure, I think its like Ali – Frazier, Lenard and Hearns, Hagler – Lenard all of the major fights that we over the last 50 years, Tyson and Lewis, I really think this is a big big fight public really deserves this fight the public wants this fight and unfortunately for any reasons the fight doesn’t happen the public will make the people in boxing pay for this by showing lack of interest by dishing the sport I never heard of any kind of sport that considers itself mainstream were a fight like this which we talk about for 5 to 6 years still doesn’t happen that’s really disgrace.
“I think that they should bombard the internet send Twitters and Instagram, whatever they have to do, [and say] Floyd sign the damn contract,”

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