Andre Ward vs Paul Smith Replay


June 20, 2015 Andre Ward vs Paul Smith at Oracle Arena, Oakland, California, USA

Andre Ward vs Paul Smith Fight Replay

Andre Ward returned to boxing showing all what a winner he is! Ward used his left jab to slice into Paul Smith for 9 full rounds. Although scheduled for 12 rounds, the fight was called by Smith’s corner after nine. This was an upset for Andre Ward who wanted to end this fight with a knockout punch.

It was not what was expected in the Andre Ward vs Paul Smith fight. While Smith was able to get one or two good punches in the entire fight, his fans were left to wonder why he didn’t do much more than spend time round after round catching punches for Andre Ward. It was thought he looked a bit doughy in the ring and unwilling to throw those heavy punches he is capable of. Smith went the full fight on defense while Ward jabbed, jabbed and landed his power right time and time again. That is what made for a short fight.

Fight Result:
Andre Ward wins by 9th round Technical Knock Out

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