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Adrien Broner vs Khabib Allakhverdiev Weigh In Results
Broner 138.5 lbs
Khabib Allakhverdiev 139 lbs

Adrien Broner (30-2, 22 KOs) will fight #5 WBA Khabib Allakhverdiev (19-1, 9 KOs) this Saturday night on 3rd October for the WBA light welterweight championship title on the Showtime Championship boxing in Cincinnati, Ohio from the US Bank Arena.

Adrien Broner vs Khabib Allakhverdiev

Khabib Allakhverdiev, who is currently 24 years of age, has not fought against any opponent for a period of more than one year after losing the WBA 1401b title in 2014 to Jessie Vargas. It is not known exactly why the world boxing Association is allowing Khabib to compete again after his loss to Vargas and also a long period of inactivity.

It appears like the WBA might have been better off by cancelling this fight and selecting somebody who is ranked higher such as #3 WBA Amir Iman for Adrien Broner fight rather than Khabib Allakhverdiev. Of course, in case the WBA would have announced that Broner had to compete against Amir, it was possible that Broner would have pulled out of that fight and go in some other direction. In fact, Iman is able to fight well and possesses incredible punching power. It is not certain whether Broner or even his advisor Haymon would accept a hazardous fight like that.

Broner is also returning from a defeat after losing a 12-round decision to previous IBF welterweight champ Shawn Porter in June this year. As a matter of fact, Broner appeared quite poor against Shawn and spent most of this fight moving, fouling and also holding. It was very sad to find that Broner’s game has degraded to this level.

It appears like Adrien took guidance from his coach Floyd Mayweather Jr. to hold Shawn at every single opportunity in June. It is as if Broner did not have faith in his capability to fight against Shawn on the inside, and, therefore, he selected to clinch him every time he would come inside.

Broner enjoyed a fairly good inside game; however, he did not utilize it in that particular fight. Broner fought rather well in the 12th round and went right after Porter and succeeded in knocking him down with a hook to his head. Adrien fought as if he’s a duplicate of Marcos Maidana in that particular round, and also he appeared in excellent form. In case Broner can fight like this almost all the time, this guy would be rather tough to beat.

Khabib is the perfect match for Broner to defeat. Adrien should emerge victorious in this fight regardless of whether he fights using his old Mayweather-esque style or by using the aggressive fighting style which folks witnessed from him against Porter in the 12th round.

Hopefully, in the bout between Adrian Broner vs. Khabib Allakhverdiev, Adrien fights rather aggressively because he requires fighting in this manner in his future bouts whenever he is pitted against guys like Victor Postol, Amir Iman and Lucas Matthysse.

Both Broner and Khabib will be entering the ring on that day bearing in mind that they had lost their previous matches and therefore this match will prove their rating by the WBA. Broner who is at the age of 26 years and weighs 140 pounds has won belts at three major categories which are the junior lightweight, the welterweight category and also the lightweight category and so if he wins this match he will have won a total of 4 titles in four different categories. Broner who was beaten in his two previous matches by Shawn Porter and Marcos Maidana and has a record which is 3-0 in super weight has vowed to do his best this time round and won’t disappoint his supporters.

Allakhverdiev who is at the age of 32 years and has a record of (19-1, 9 KOs) had managed to defeat Kazier Mabuza when they were contesting for the IBO belt and also lifted the WBA title after defeating Joan Guzman back in 2012. It is however surprising that Khabib has never participated in any match since being defeated by Vargas in June, 2013.

Broner who is enjoying the fact that he fighting at home and will therefore have the support of many Americans, is considered to be a good boxer and has fast speed and good tricks to keep the opponents confused. However despite the mere fact that Broner will be at home, Allakhverdiev has also vowed to fight this match to his last breath until he makes sure he wins and therefore has urged his opponent to be ready for a tough match.

Khabib who is bagging for the fact that he has a lot of experience compared to Broner because of his age and also because of the fact that he has fought many matches than his rival, will be in for a great and challenging time because he is considered to be a weak puncher who mostly don’t hit his targets when he throws a punch.


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