“We will make an announcement before the end of the month. I think it (the fight) will happen,” Pacquiao told the Manila Standard during a phone interview.

Manny Pacquiao says they will make an announcement for his fight against Floyd Mayweather before the end of January 2015

People, not just boxing fans, have been waiting for the super fight that should have happened 6 years ago: Pacquiao vs. Mayweather. The fact that negotiations back then bogged down, this only caused increased agitation to everyone. A lot of finger-pointing, insults, and taunts have been hurled over the years. The dream fight that everybody’s clamoring for looks like it will never happen. But it is starting to seem like it is about to push through, soon!

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao

Negotiations once again started after Floyd Mayweather Jr. (47-0) beat Marcos Maidana last year. He has since become more amenable to a possible fight. Demands from fans and boxing experts intensified after Manny Pacquiao hammered Chris Algieri last November.

The talk on the possible boxing mega-deal is being kept under wraps. This is perhaps a safeguard to avoid making the same mistake that happened more than 5 years ago. The negotiation (which was almost super public) that bogged down could partly be blamed to media pressure. Now, there is a strict directive that forbids anyone to talk in public. A representative involved in the talks confirmed that both camps are advancing toward a possible fight.

There is no ultimate deal yet, mind you. But the said official gave inside information that the January 8, 2015 meeting was about the money deal, among other things. Mayweather wants 60-40 split (60 for him, of course). This time, worldwide favorite Pacquiao is bent on saying yes just to make the match happen.


Here are some details that both parties agreed to:

• Pacquiao camp nodded to a drug testing. Back in 2010, his team refused Mayweather’s demands for blood and drug testing.
• The fight will happen in the MGM Grand Garden Arena.
• The bout will most probably be in the second quarter of this year. Mayweather said on worldwide television that he wanted Pacquiao on May 2 of this year. That might come about. There is no definite date yet but the match could be in May or June.

Some kinks that have to be sorted out:

• The split on the purse is an important factor. Mayweather could be one of the two richest boxers today but, as he said, it’s all about the money. His earnings are out-of-this-world for many. But fighting Pacquiao will set him up for life (so to speak). He would not be able to earn as much if he let Pacquiao out of his grasp.
• Their television and cable contracts have to be reconciled. Pacquiao still has an agreement with HBO. Meanwhile, Mayweather has a Showtime deal. He is still committed to 2 more matches. The general belief is that both media networks will do the dream fight together.

Will Pacquiao vs Mayweather  Finally Happen?

That is the question that most ask and hope for. So will we see the 2 richest boxers on the planet in a mega boxing fight? The answer depends on how one of them is willing to bend to make it happen or how the other will do everything to prevent it.

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