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mayweather vs pacquiao fight 2015

What do you think of today’s best fighters in Manny Pacuqiao and Floyd Mayweather?

Roberto Duran:
Well that fight for me doesn’t have the same enthusiasm it had before.

But it has to be made because the whole world wants to see it.

Because that fight should’ve happened 5 years ago.

I don’t know if Pacuqiao is scared of or if mayweather is scared.

I don’t know what’s happening

But that fight should’ve happened while ago when there was more inspiration for it.

There still is some but it’s not the same as before.

The people want to see the fight.

Some are going for Mayweather and others are foing for Pacquiao

But you if you observe everything closely, it doesn’t have the same strenght as before.

Has you opinion changed from 5 years ago as to who wins the fight?
Do you think Mayweather or Pacquiao win?

Roberto Duran: No, I have always had a – I think Pacquiao would win.

Why do you think Pacquiao?

Roberto Duran: Because I’ve studied Pacquiao’s fights as I have also Mayweather’s.

Mayweather has had trouble defeating some fighters.

And those same fighters who then fought with
the Filipino fighter afterwards

The Filipino knocked them out quick and beat them quick.

So I take away that conclusion.

Remember in life, anyone can be fooled, so they could fool me.

Anyone can be fooled. But I think Pacquiao is going to beat Mayweather.

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