Mayweather’s dirty move that saw him control the most lucrative fight in boxing’s history. written by: thedon1 Boxing is usually a one on one match. There is only a fighter alone in the ring. He can get all the training, advice and support, but once the bell rings, its one one. This was what happened recently during the Mayweather-Pacquiao bout, they were all given training advice and support by their respective camps, but when it come to the ring, it was the individual fighters cunning that won the fight. And this was Mayweather.Floyd Mayweather Dirty Moves Exposed 1

Mayweather has a history of playing dirty. Given the fight was refereed by a stunningly pro Mayweather referee, it is no wonder he fought dirty and got away with it. It seems as though Mayweather had a bad start, seeing him running away from Pacquiao around the ring, but this a classic Mayweather philosophy” Take you in deep water and drawn you”. In the fight, he used his timing and skill to make his opponents miss one shot after another”. This drained Pacquiao’s energy on top of having an injured shoulder. This was the trick Mayweather used to tame Pacquiao a very offensive fighter.

Floyd Mayweather Jr Dirty Moves Exposed

Mayweather is a control freak, both on and off the ring, we saw how controlled the fight , we all expected Pacquiao to be more aggressive, but Mayweather was the pacesetter. He was never left behind through out the fight. The pattern of the first three rounds was dictated by Mayweather, he fought dirty, improvising to slow things down and reduce the punch output when things got too fast, this clearly worked to his advantage by reducing the chances of any unexpected activity.
Mayweather is a defensive player, like a defensive basketball coach, he literary takes the air out of the ball, he organizing the fight into a set piece, using his famous formula the Square up, Engage, Disengage and Repeat. This simple method is what has made Mayweather the best defensive fighter of our era.
Although Pacquiao seemed to be gaining control a few times by hurting Mayweather with a couple of some big lefty’s, and backed him up in the corner for some few moments, this was never enough to hold the Money Punch down as he looked unshaken by shaking his head after every punch.
Pacquiao was the better fighter, but since he lacked the cunning of Mayweather, he lost the most lucrative fight in boxing’s history to the arrogant dirty fighting Floyd. Although he fought with a injured shoulder, Pacquiao refused to used this as an excuse and said that he gave his best for that fight.

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