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Floyd Mayweather still TBE or The Best Ever after Manny Pacquiao knocks him out?

ESPN First Take – Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith discuss Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao

Jabir Perkins: If Floyd Mayweather Loses to Pacquiao, would you still consider Floyd the best ever?

Stephen A: First on all I say he is the best ever Im talking about as a defensive fighter I don’t think that he was better than Sugar Ray Leonard then I surely think that Mohammad Ali is the greatest.

I dont think Floyd Mayweather is the greatest, he is one of the greatest and he is the greatest defensive fighter but he is not the greatest but if he lost to Pacquiao it depends on how, If he is giving Pacquiao a boxing lesson then Pacquiao caught him the way Pacquiao got caught by Marquez that can happen in any fight.

I will give you a perfect example I remember when Tomy Hitman Heards got knocked out by Iran Barkley I mean he was giving him a boxing lesson using the jab then suddenly Brkley do a haymaker and caught him he was wobbled then the second blow drop him its boxing that happens.

But me I will give you one better I won’t even think that Floyd Mayweather being one of the greatest if doen’t fight Pacquiao that should be worst than Floyd lossing to Pacquiao because when you are a fighter you have to fight.

Skip Bayless: I am getting tired of your ifs,ins and buts Floyd may or may not Weather because I don’t know if he will ever will weather.

Stephen A I have never considered him the greatest ever because hes never even thought to me about fighting Manny Pacquiao he’s been running from him for 5 years

I still believed that he will still continue to run from him if he ever does get the guts to fight him he will lose to Manny Pacquiao.

Stephen A: I believed he will take Manny Pacquiao late probably in the 11th round but again I am not giving Floyd Mayweather pass Floyd Mayweather to me is still up it if he takes this fight and showup in the ring but you cannot be a fighter and have your O record that you ran from somebody for your career no fighter worth is all ever allowed that to even people believed about him if he does not fight Pacquiao his legacy will be forever tarnished


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