A retired two division world championship boxer Gerry Penalosa feels that Mayweather will not seriously entertain the thoughts of giving Pacquiao a rematch. They fought, he( Pacquiao) lost. He should forget the loss and move on. In every sport, there is a loser. Penalosa is a close friend of Pacquiao and a former pound to pound king himself.

Shortly after this, Mayweather was quoted by Stephen .A. Smith of ESPN saying that he will give Pacquiao a rematch once he recovers from his shoulder injury. A few days later, Mayweather changed his mind and slammed the door on fighting Pacquiao once again. During the interview, Mayweather went on to mock Manny for his lack of disclosure. He boasted of knowing everything Pacquiao did, his training schedule and how long he could fight. It was during this interview that Mayweather quoted the famous art of war.

According to Penalosa, a close friend of Pacquiao, this is not surprising, in an interview with GMA news online, Penalosa said that its very unlikely for Mayweather to give Pacquiao a rematch. No body would like to risk retiring undefeated. So far, Mayweather has Zero defeats in his entire career, he cannot give Pacquiao a rematch and risk a loss. Pacquiao is a very unpredictable fighter. He gives every fight his all, and once he steps on the ring, expect anything. With this in Mind, Penalosa feels that it will be a very big risk for Mayweather to give Manny a rematch, something that is very unlikely.

Penalosa feels that Pacquiao should hang his gloves since he has nothing left to prove. He went on to advice him not to fight again, unless he was fighting Mayweather. “If Pacquiao is going to keep on fighting, he will only be challenging up comers, which is not worth it”, said Penalosa.

After the recent controversial fight with Mayweather, that saw Pacquiao lose claiming a injured shoulder, Manny underwent surgery on Wednesday to repair his rotator calf. Due to his poor health, he should retire.

So far Pacquiao has achieved everything a boxing player aspires to be, he has been on top of the boxing world, pound-for-pound king and a world record holder. Now its the time Pacquiao retires and spend time with his family.

According to JST,,GMA news, Since Manny is a man of the people,he should step in politics after boxing.

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