People should be mad with the Nevada Athletic Commission


Max Kellerman: I think some people have the sense that Manny Pacquiao sold out for the money and by fighting with a torn rotator calf not giving him the best chance to win he some how perpetrated a fraud on the public. I strongly disagree with this, but the dilemma is not a tough choice but the dilemma is a choice between two bad options.Kellerman on Pacquiao Injury State Athletic Commission Should be Blamed

What was Manny Pacquiao supposed to do three weeks to go before the fight when he was diagnosed with torn rotator calf that needed surgery was he supposed to postpone the fight ?

So 12 months off, he is already off for 5 months he supposed to comeback after shoulder surgery at a 17 plus month of ring absence to try and fight and beat Floyd Mayweather is that gonna give him his best chance to win? when all the tickets are already been sold the hotel room have been booked the air fare ect the eyes of the boxing world hoping to see this fight and this event What did Manny Pacquiao do?

He manned up if I get a shot of toradol in my shoulder I can go thru with this fight that gives me the best chance to win by the way if he postponed there maybe no Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight who knows Mayweather still active 12 months plus in the future so Pacquiao camp cleared it with USADA the drug testing body that Mayweather sided and insisted upon USADA said fine the shot of toradol is fine and then ultimately the 11th hour the Nevada Athletic commission said Pacquiao can’t get the shot of toradol because of essentially a clerical error because some box wasn’t check up the form wasn’t build right if people are mad at anybody Pacquiao not being at his best thats the belief be mad at Nevada Athletic Commission in my view because when the boxing world most needed them to show sound judgement they decided to stand on principle instead of cooperating with the spirit of the event.

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