mayweather vs pacquiao fight 2015

Round 1:

The fight starts with Pacquiao on the offensive throwing combinations of 1-2 to the body and head of Mayweather…. Mayweather smiles and tries to land stiff lefts. However, most of these jabs don’t land on Manny’s head or face. Mayweather runs around the ring.

Round 2:

Mayweather tries to work to the body, and lands couple of punches to the belly and chest of Pacqiuao; however, most of these punches are covered by Pacquiao, and even missed by Mayweather. Pacquiao counters with a series of fast combinations landing most of it. The round ends with Mayweather grabbing on Pacquiao.


Round 3:

Mayweather tries again to attack the body of pacquiao, but is received with a wicked left hand, which pacquiao throws in the form of an arc. mayweather nods (no-no), and gives one of his famous watermelon smiles. However, could not counter because to counter he would have to risk getting hit… the round ends with mayweather running around the ring in circles.

Round 4:

Pacquiao follows Mayweather around the ring, and Mayweather clinches throughout the round. Midway the round, after being separated from one of the clinches, pacquiao lands a 6 punch combination, and as Mayweather tries to counter he is rather countered with an overhand jab…. mayweather looks a bit puzzled and buzzed, yet nods with his head and smiles.

Round 5:

We are starting to see a tiny little mouse on Floyd’s left eyebrow… he also has a bloody nose, with boogers all over the place; his face, globes, right shoulder. however, mayweather responds to the fifth round and tries to fight in the middle of the ring; throwing jabs from far away. Manny counters several of those jabs with straight lefts to the mid section of Floyd. As Floyd tries to attack the body, manny steps back and counters with a wicked 1-2 combination and for a minute Floyd stagers back… Floyd ends the round, AGAIN, running around the ring.

During the one minute break, uncle roger tries to give Floyd advice, but Floyd sr gets upset and shuts roger saying: “I’m ma’ boy’s father, and I’ll take care of him… mm-hmmm!”. However, half of his supposed advice is stuttered speech, and half of it is just a bunch of profanities mentioned about Pacquiao …. no real constructive advice is given, and Floyd looks a bit confused.


Round 6:

Floyd opens the right with a fast 1-2 to manny’s head… however, when he tries to do a second combination landing a hook to the body, manny counters with a left hook to the side of the head of Floyd… .Maywether’s legs look fragile and are shaking… Floyd ends up hugging and grabbing on pacquiao….. one can appreciate the boo’s of the crowd. This makes mayweather feel uncomfortable and pressured. By the end of the round, more bloody purplish boogers are visible on Floyd’s nose and mouth… by this time, he has a puffy left eye, and a busted lower lip.


Round 7:

Pacquiao opens the round with a 10 punch combination landing most of the punches to Floyd’s stomach, sides and head… mayweather grabs on Floyd and clinches… the referee has to use physical force to remove weather from pacqiuao… Floyd doesn’t wanna let go… he receives a warning, and the crowd boo’s. no real drama during this round… it was a survival-mode round for weather.


Round 8:

Floyd runs around the ring… he throws jabs from the middle of the ring. Floyd looks tired and worn. He continues to bleed from the nose and lip… His left eyebrow continues to swell…. Pacquiao continues to pressure Floyd; however, Floyd doesn’t stop 2 seconds at a time to trade. the round ends with boo’s from the crowd, and Floyd running around the ring. Manny raises his left hand in sign of victory…. During the break, Floyd sr. tries to give advice again; however, he interrupts himself by saying something like: “he’s gonna be mine in nine”… mayweather drinks and drinks water, while roger advices him not to drink too much of it. He cannot catch his breath, and Floyd sr. starts using profanity, which is hard to understand, except for the “F” and “MF” words… Floyd jr. looks destruct…. puzzled about what to do…..


Round 9:

Mayweather tries yet again to attack the body, but he receives a sneer (sarcastic laughter) from pacquiao… Mayweather smiles and nods (no-no)… he gives one of those NOW POPULAR watermelon smiles, yet it is obvious pacquiao is control of the fight. while he tries to attack the body, Manny throws very potent right jabs tot he already busted lip…. and caught Floyd with a powerful straight left to the top of the forehead… Floyd then gets on the bicycle and runs throughout the remainder of the round.

During the break, FLoyd senior tells junior to save some to the end. He then says that “if pacquiao was not mine in nine, then I don’t give a dime”…. this doesn’t help mayweather at all… however, its a bit of morbid humor to help heel the misery Floyd is going through. By this time, Floyd’s lower lip is all busted. He is profoundly bleeding from the nose, and both his eyes are puffy, especially his left eyebrow looks nasty.


Round 10:

Pacquiao is on the offensive and gets even more aggressive… he lands a 4 punch combinations, and FOR THE SECOND TIME IN HIS CAREER, FLOYD LANDS ON HIS FLAT BEHIND… THE FIRST TIME WAS IN THE JUDAH FIGHT…. He gets the 10 count, and gets up in 6…. he then complains of a headbut, but this is a tactic use to buy precious seconds and to distract the referee and opponent… however, the referee doesn’t buy it, and pacquiao only gets infuriated… pacquiao goes on the attack to finish him, but as it was expected, Floyd ends up giving a bear hug… manny opens his arms to have the referee separate them… however, Floyd don’t wanna let go… the referee continues to warn Floyd about not following the instructions during the clinch…. the round ends pretty much Floyd excessively clinching, and the reaction of the crowd with boo’s and some cuzzing in English, Spanish, and Tagalog…

Round 11:

There is no question about it, Floyd is scared and is in survival mode running … when pacquiao cuts the ring he then hugs and grabs…. midway the round, the referee deducts a point away from weather due to excessive clinching and several warnings that were given… mayweahter tries to make it about the referee being unfair…. but no one buys it his deception.

Round 12:

There is nothing on the part of weather, and throughout the round he is simply running like a bunny… Nothing really happened in the round since Floyd was avoiding manny… When the last bell rang, Floyd ends up hugging and kissing paquiao….Floyd is the unfortunate recipient of a cut left eyebrow, both eyes are puffed and nearly shut… a bloody and fragmented nose and a noticeable busted lower lip… in addition, he also suffered a swollen left ear….. before they announce the winner, Floyd throws up (vomits) all the soup… he vomits all the peas and corn he had for lunch earlier… this is due to being overwhelmed and exhausted…. at any rate, the final decision is announced, and the winner is manny pacquiao, with score cards of 116-112, 115-113, and 115-115.

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