In the post-Tyson era of boxing there hasn’t been any real fighters that have brought our beloved sport the recognition it deserves. I know someone will throw in a ‘Ricky Harton’ or ‘Oscar de la hoya’ to dispute my declaration but I need you to really think about it. Has anyone inspired kids, inspired countless documentaries, been the topic of rap lyrics and brought this amazing sport as much recognition as this two fighters?

They both have very inspiring stories and strict philosophies that have brought the sport back to the foreground of pop culture. The two fighters have agreed to finally put to rest the question of who is better on May 2,2015. The venue of the fight, MGM Grande Garden arena, is already sold out before a single ticket has been sold. This is a simplified analysis and prediction of the fight of the century.

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao
Mayweather’s personality traits shouldn’t cloud your judgement,he is simply has a better build and is the better technical fighter. He has been criticized for being non-entertaining for using a defensive approach but he has an unmatched 47-0 record. The man is undefeated because he favors picking up points instead of embarrassing his opponents. He goes the distance,tires you out and wins based on the score card. World heavyweight champion,Wladimir Klitschko, has already tipped Mayweather to win by a 51-49 margin stating that his size and technical effectiveness is what will separate the two fighters.
Pacman is the more entertaining and faster fighter. He is the epitome of a true fighter, electric hand speed and devastating direct punches.For this reason Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield, both former world heavy weight champions,have tipped the Philippine to get a straight out win. If Pacman is to defeat the American then he should aim for a knock out in the first four rounds. After that Mayweather is usually untouchable as he has already adapted to your speed. Considering that Floyd has never been knocked out, It would be even wiser if Manny used the knock-out approach to earn points faster and early. If Pacquiao uses the strategy Shane Mosley used on Mayweather(to perfection) and keeps his stamina in check then he can accomplish this great feat.
To be honest this bout is better viewed from a score card perspective. They both have incredible stamina and work ethic so a knock out isn’t as realistic as we would wish. The fight will last longer than most people expect. Based on modern boxing trends and judging, Mayweather will win because he attacks and defends well. He has mastered the modern boxing scored card system. He might not make you burst into laughter because he is embarrassing his opponent but he will accumulate points with every move he makes. But Pacquiao being the underdog in this will surely give everything in the ring and gives him more motivation. I think Pacquiao will win this fight by decision but it would  be great to see him knock out Floyd for the first time.

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