3 月 03, 2018 Deontay怀尔德VS路易斯·奥尔蒂斯在巴克莱中心, Brooklyn for the World Heavyweight Title

In the fight of two undefeated Heavyweight boxers WBC Wordl Heavyweight Champion Deontay The Bronze Bomber Wilder makes a comeback after getting out-boxed by the Challenger Luis Ortiz in the early rounds, there’s no doubt Luis Ortiz is the better boxer between the two, He uses his jabs and counters Wilder very well but the Champions Ultimate weapon is punching power we have seen him getting outboxed in his previous fights but with only 1 hard right hand from him and the fight will turn around in his favor.

Deontay Wilder Knock Down Ortiz in the 5th round with his hard right hand followed by combination Ortiz was able to survive the round and continue to outbox Wilder he even get Wilder in trouble with right hook followed by combination but Wilder was able to hold on.

在一轮 10 Deontay Wilder steps on the gas and attacked Luis Ortiz with combination and Knock Down Ortiz with hard left and right combination Ortiz gets up and beat the count but he was hurt Deontay Wilder go for the kill and throws his signature helicopter wild swinging shots then he followed it up with a right uppercut then sent down Ortiz for the 3rd time in the fight.

Who’s next for Deontay Wilder?
The winner of Anthony Joshua vs Joseph Parker title unification could be the best fight for Wilder it would be a winner take all match.
All titles in the line, for me the more interesting fight would be Deontay Wilder vs Anthony Joshua because both guys have knocked out all of their opponents we will determine is the really the best knock out artist in heavyweight today. In my opinion Anthony Joshua will beat Joseph Parker because Joshua has the size and power advantage.

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