Romero Duno Knock Out Highlights


Filipino Boxer Romero ‘Ruthless’ Duno Knock Out Highlights, Since loosing to Mikhail Alexeev last 2016 Romero Duno bounce back and recorded 7 straight wins 6 of them are by stoppage including this monstrous and upset win against undefeated prospect Christian Gonzalez which he destroyed in the 2nd round in that fight Romero was able to counter Gonzalez with hard right hand shot that send him down in the first round, Christian Gonzalez tried to bully Duno but he was surprised with the punching power of the Filipino. Gonzalez was the aggressor in the fight and had his moments when he lands his hard shots of his own but the Filipino was able to take these hard shots.

In the second round of the fight Gonzalez didn’t do any adjustment, Even if he already tasted the power of Duno in the first round The Mexican continue to comes forward, After Gonzalez landed some combination Duno countered him again with another hard right and down goes Gonzalez for the second time in the fight, Christian tried to get up but he goes down again on hi own referee waved off the fight.

So far for Duno’s last 7 wins it was a boxer named Juan Pablo Sanchez who goes the distance Duno was able to give cut on the left eye of Juan Pablo Sanchez in the 5th round Duno failed to stop him.

Romero Duno’s lastest fight was against Yardley Suarez Armenta and the fight only lasted in 1 round and just more than 1 minute, Duno landed a Hard right to the head that stunned Armenta, then Duno follows it up with some combination Armenta goes down and he was counter out.

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