Mike Alvarado vs Saul Corral Fight Replay


March 19, 2016 Mike Alvarado vs Saul Corral at Arena Theatre, Houston, Texas, USA
Mike Alvarado vs Saul Corral fight Replay

Mike Alvarado vs Saul Corral Round by Round

Round 1
Corral started fight from a distance and uses his left jab to keep Alvarado
Both fighters had good exchanges but Saul is the busier and more accurate he also landed a 20 punch combination to end the round – clear round for Saul Corral

Round 2
Corral once again uses his sharp left jab to begin the round, Alvarado also landing some hard shots left and right punch by Mike stunned Corral, another left right from Alvarado, Corral looks wobbly and Mike landed another hard uppercut in the dying seconds of the round.
– Alvarado takes this round for landing the more effective shots.

Round 3

Corral started the round landing a 3 punch combination, Alvarado answered back with left right and bodyshot
Another 1-2 landed for Corral at this point of the fight Alva rad’s face is now bloodied, Hard right landed by Alvarado Corral looks hurt
Alvarado throws more punches right hook to the head landed again for Mike.
Alvarado landed a Hard right to head and down goes Corral. Referee waives off the fight to protect Corral from further damage

Fight Result: Mike Alvarado KO Saul Corral in the 3rd round

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