Manny Pacquiao vs. Chris Algieri, 12 rounds, for Pacquiao’s WBO welterweight title;
Round 1 Pacquiao Landed bodyshots and right hook that momentary wobbled Algieri,
Chris side to side movement and always on defensive move prevents him from throwing more punches. Pacquiao Round

Round 2 Algieri’s side to side movement and able to land some punch on Pacquiao, Manny chased and landed some punch combination that sent down Algieri, 1st Official Knock Down of the fight. Pacquiao continue the hunt and landed power punches. Pacquiao Round

Round 3 Pacquiao landing left and right hook, Algieri always on the defensive and side to side movement, Algieri also landed a right straight counter but Pacquiao comes but and hits Chris with more punches. Pacquiao Round

Round 4 Pacquiao chasing Algieri again, Pacquaio mixing his punches targeting Chris head and body, Algieri landed some right hand lead but Pacquiao outwork him again in this round. Pacquaio RoundPacquiao vs Algieri Full Fight

Round 5 Algieri started to use his long job, Chris warned for low blow, Pacquiao missing, but still outlanding Algieri based on compubox. Pacquiao Round

Round 6 Pacquiao chased Algieri and landing head and body combination, Algieri warned again for hitting low, Hard left hand landed by Pacquiao stunned Algieri, another left hand sent Algieri down again for the second time in the fight. Pacquiao fired combination and a lunging right jab sent Algieri down again, second time in the round and 3rd in the fight. Pacquiao for the kill but Algieri survived the round. Pacquiao Round

Round 7 Algieri started to get busy throwing more punches, at middle of the round Pacquiao landed meaningful punch combinations on Algieri’s head, in closing seconds of the round Algieri landed right hand to the head and body of Pacquiao. Another Pacquiao Round

Round 8 Algieri jabbing and getting busy again, hard left hand by Pacquiao, Algieri complaining for low blow, Pacquiao countering with Algieri with punch combinaitons. Pacquiao Round

Round 9 Pacquiao landed hard left hook, Tim Lane Algieri’s trainer told Max Kellerman that Algieri will put Pacquiao asleep in few minutes. Algieri’s plan is to Knock Out Pacquiao, just after Alfieri’s trainer stopped talking Pacquiao landed an huge left hand the sent Algieri down again for the 4th time in the fight, Pacquiao landed combination on the ropes and knocks down Algieri again for the 5th time, Pacquiao tried to finish Algieri in this round. Pacquiao Round

Round 10 Pacquiao landing effective counter punches, Algieri side to side movement but Pacquaio catches him with good punches, about 23 second remaining in the round, Pacquiao landed left and right combination that send down again for the 6th time in the fight. Pacquiao Round

Round 11 Algieri comes back throwing some punches, Pacquiao lading punches of his own, Pacquiao landed heavy punches at the dying seconds of the round. Pacquiao Round

Round 12 Algieri started to round with punch combination, Good uppercut by Pacquiao and Hard right hand by Algieri, Pacquiao chasing Algieri once again, Algieri just want to survive and finish the fight. Pacquiao Round

Manny Pacquiao scored total of six official knock down and earns an impressive UD win

judges’ scorecards read 119-103, 119-103, and 120-102 all in favor of Pacquiao

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