UFC 277 ブランドン・モレノ vs カイ・カラフランス フルファイト リプレイ

UFC 277 アメリカン エアラインズ センター ダラスでのブランドン モレノ対カイ カラ フランス, テキサス州, アメリカ合衆国 5 round Flyweight fight
28-year-old Brandon Moreno has been in mixed martial arts since 2011. 彼は立ち位置で素晴らしい働きをします, しかし、彼のグラップリングにもっと依存しています. モレノはデイブソン・フィゲレドと最後の3試合を戦った. The first fight ended in a draw, then Brandon won and became the champion, and in the third fight the Brazilian was stronger.
29-year-old New Zealander Kai Kara-France made his debut in 2010. He has a blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, as well as an excellent kickboxing background. UFCで 253, Kai lost to Brandon Royval, and then scored three victories.
で 2019, the guys already met in the octagon and then Moreno was stronger. You need to understand that Kai has no experience in five-round fights, and the Mexican spent five rounds in two of the three extreme fights. Brandon will be able to wear down his opponent with constant takedown attempts, and then set the stage for the final attack and win.

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